10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Obviously, you can’t afford to ignore Instagram, a powerful social networking site where you are able to upload your photos and videos. But have you taken full advantage of Instagram. How can you get the best out of it? It’s time to equip yourself with little-known Instagram tricks. Whether you’re a marketer or an individual, you just want to use Instagram in the best way possible, don’t you? Spend a little time learning about magic tricks, then you’ll see a huge difference in your Instagram experience. We’re gonna share about 10 Instagram tricks that you probably don’t know about. Ready to master Instagram?

1.  View all the posts you’ve liked

Sometimes, you want to look to likes you’ve made on the platform just to review things that capture your attention. Remember, you can only access this feature on your mobile app. If you’re working on your desktop, add Instagram to your Hootsuite dashboard.  Ever want to do this? now you’ll get to know.

Steps to do

Head to your profile

Click the gear icon- Options button ( on Iphone/iPad) or the three-dot icon on Android.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Select Posts you’ve liked at the drop-down box.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Then you can see all the posts you’ve given Heart. For any post, you want to unlike, simply go to the post and unlike it.

2. Clear your search history

When you search for something, Instagram will save your search. If you want to clear your search history, give this Instagram trick a shot. Among Instagram tricks, this one is quite easy to follow.

Steps to do

Click on the person icon to go to your profile.

Tap the three dots to go to Options.

Scroll down and click Clear search history.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

To remove things permanently from your search history, just hide your individual accounts, hashtags or places.

  • Tap the magnifying icon to go to the search page
  • Tap and hold the search bar you want to hide from your search history
  • Then click Hide.

3. Turn on notifications with your favorite users

New Instagram algorithm has changed the way your News Feed pops up. Not just the time of the post decide th post appear on your feed but you can entice Instagram work to your preference. How? You simply turn on notifications with those you are interested to see their posts. You don’t want to miss important posts from certain users, then all you have to do is switch notification button on.

Steps to do

Go to a specific user that you want to receive notification.

Click on three dots at the upper right hand corner of the posts.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Then click Turn on Post Notifications from the pop-up panel.

How about the other way? When you no longer wat to receive notifications from some users. Follow the same step to turn post notification off.

4. Create a collection of saved posts

You’ve posted a bunch of photos on Instagram. To make it easier for review and more artistic, Instagram allows to save certain posts into specific collections. Thus, you can take advantage of this feature to create your own collections for pets, nature, food, travelling and more. Posts of the same topic can be categorized into one collection.

Steps to do

Go to your profile.

Click on the bookmark icon on the right hand corner.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Select Collections tab and click Creat Collection.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Enter the name you want to create for that collection. Then Done. To add more post to that collection, just click on Add to Collection.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

5. Rearrange the order of your filters

You can make your favorite filters come first by changing the order in which the filters appear on your screen. There are even filters that you never touch, so just hide it to make way for your often-go-to filters.

Steps to do

Upload a new post, then you’ll be taken to Filter.

Scroll to the end and click Manage.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Tap and hold the three line icon next to each filter on the left-hand side to reorder your filters or hide any filter by deselecting the checkmark next to it.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Click Done to save your settings.

6. View all the posts your friends like or comment

There are many a times when you want to view the posts that your friends have recently liked or commented, perhaps you then get to see inspired posts. Just take a few seconds, you’re able to see the recent likes or comments.

Steps to do

Hit the heart icon of the home screen, you’ll see a list of likes and comments as well.

Tab Following to see likes or comments from users that you follow.10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know


7. Hide the photos your friends tag

When your friends tag you in a photo or video, you’ll see it on Photos of you. Chances are, you want to hide posts you’ve tagged from other users. Instagram has option for you to do this. Although you can’t remove the posts from your Instagram account but this way, you can remove them from your profile.

Steps to do

Go to your profile, click on the person icon below your bio next to the bookmark icon.

10 Secret Instagram Tricks: You Should Know

Tap the three-dot icon in the upper right of your page. Then choose Hide photos.

Choose posts you’d like to hide, then tab Hide photos and click on Hide from Profile.

8. Make adjustment to tagged photos

You know that photos or videos that you’ve been tagged in will automatically appear in your profile. But you are able to change that to select which photos your’re tagged will pop up on Photos of you.

Steps to do

Go to your Instagram profile then click on the person icon.

Click on the three dot in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Select Add manually.

Note: And then, you still get the notification when someone tags you in his photo. To add that photo to your profile, click on the photo you’re tagged and tap Show on my profile.

9. Hide ads from your News Feed

In fact, when you’re surfing through your News Feed, you stumble on a vast of ads. They can b your interests that you click to see more. But, if you find any ad irrelevant, you can choose to hide it from your sight.

Steps to do

Tap on the three-dot icons at the right hand corner of the ad.

Click Hide ad on the menu.

Choose the reason why don’t you want to see this ad at the pop-up panel.

10. Post as a photo editor

Have you heard that you can actually use Instagram as a photo editor without you posting any thing? Take the following tricks to see how it works.

Steps to do

Head to your profile, scroll down to settings.

Turn Save original photo on in your settings.

Turn on airplane mode on your mobile device.

Then you’ll take steps as usual to post a pic on Instagram. You’ll receive an error message (say your upload has failed), but actually you’ll be able to find the edited photo on your gallery.

We’ve sailed through 10 killer Instagram tricks that you shouldn’t miss. If you’re new users, these Instagram tricks can be take your time. But hard study deserves a good turn, doesn’t it? You’ll take your Instagram experience to the next level. Are these Instagram tricks useful? Share with us in the comments below!



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