3 Ways to Add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page

To date, Pinterest is one of the most powerful social players that many users around the world take to Pinterest to showcase their beautiful things. Pinterest allows users to pin photos of their interests. Add Pinterest tab to your Facebook page is a great thing to display other intriguing things on your page. Your Facebook page will appear more attractive, thus increasing your followers on Pinterest and exposing your fan to your pins through Facebook page. Are you ready to maximize your Facebook marketing strategy? Here we go.

1. Benefits of Adding a Pinterest Tab for Facebook

We can link our Facebook account with other certain social sites such as Instagram. But the question is can we link our Facebook page with our Pinterest account. Currently, there is no way to connect our Facebook page with Pinterest account. So, businesses have to get around with another solution. That’s add Pinterest tab to Facebook page. You shouldn’t miss it as you can boost your marketing strategy and grow higher engagement to your page. Here come some key benefits of a Pinterest tab for your Facebook page.

  • More attractive view models, including pins and boards
  • Boost Follow link leading to your Pinterest account ( That’s say, you’ll drive more followers to your Pinterest account through your Facebook page fan)
  • Simple repin plus like buttons
  • Seamless fetching and storage with custom API
  • More views for your Pinterest pins and boards

This’s a few to name, there are more interesting creams to discover Pinterest tab yourself. To get started, you have to create a Pinterest account and familiarize yourself with Pinterest features.

2. How to Add Pinterest Tab to Facebook

Use Iframe host

This app is totally free and you are able to customize the size, display or the name of the tab.

Head to Iframehost to locate Install page tab. You have do some quick comfirmation steps

Choose the Facebook pages that you want to add Pinterest tab, then click Add tab to page

Once you’ve downloaded the tab, click on Allow to authorize the application. Afterwards, you are able to edit your Pinterest tab. (Change the name of your tab, customize the layout for example)

Use Facebook developer Application

Actually, this is quite similar to the first method that you have to download Iframe but via the different route.

Head to Facebook developer Application to install the tool

For security concern, you need to enter your password and accept some policies

Click on Creat new app that sits at the top right of the page

Fill up all the required fields, then you can download of Iframe host

Once you’ve located the button, choose the Facebook fan pages that you want to add Pinterest tab.

Then you’ve followed steps as mentioned above with Iframe host to edit your Pinterest graphic.

Use Tab for Pinterest

Login your personal account with username and password

Head to search for Tab for Pinterest

Once the tab pops up, click Use now

3 Ways to Add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page

Then you’ll see a new box, click Install App

3 Ways to Add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page

Choose your Facebook page that you’ve want to add and click Add page tab

3 Ways to Add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page

You now can edit the administration panel. Enter your Pinterest username and choose User pins or User boards to showcase your Pinterest feed. Click Save settings.

3 Ways to Add Pinterest Tab to Your Facebook Page

Done! you have just got your own Pinterest tab on your page. You can choose to show your Pinterest pins or boards. Your fan can repin or like your pins and boards directly from your Pinterest tab on your Facebook page.

3. Other Ways to Promote your Pinterest on Facebook

Post Pinterest links on your Facebook Page

If you don’t want to add Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. There are still ways to boost your Pinterest activities. You can post the direct link of your Pinterest page to your status to encourage your fans to follow you on Pinterest. It’s advisable to include attractive promotions why should they follow you on Pinterest? What will they get?

Promote individual boards on your Facebook page

This way, you are able to introduce your pinterest account to a wider range of users. You just simply update your new status, including with an image of a pin to Facebook. Don’t forget to add a description to that pin. Or you can post the link to your Pinterest board as part of a status update.

To add a description to your boards, click Edit Board and enter your description to box.

Promote a specific pin on your Facebook page

The same strategy can be applied here that you are able to promote a particular pin by uploading  the image of the pin as a status and include the direct link to the pin. This way, you will get higher engagement to your original images.

Are you ready to add Pinterest tab to your Facebook page? Don’t pass up this chance of increasing engagement to your page. Have questions? Start a conversation in the comments below.


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