How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Have you wondered how to add links to Instagram stories? Well, in the past, only verified Instagram accounts were able to get access to this feature. Now, Instagram has expanded this feature to business accounts with 10,000 or more followers.  If you’re doing your marketing campaign via Instagram, you can’t miss this offer. Actually, clickable links in Stories help to drive more traffic to your account and boost sales. In this article, you will find out how to add links to Instagram Stories through at-a-glance steps and how to use links in your Instagram Stories effectively.

1. Steps to Add Links to Instagram Stories

As I’ve just mentioned, now Instagram Stories links are available to business accounts not to personal profiles. So, you need to convert your Instagram account to business profiles. Then, just follow quick and easy steps to add the URL to Stories.

Step 1: Take photos, video or upload form your camera roll. Then you can start to  add link. Click on the link button at the top of your screen.

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Step 2: After you’ve tapped the link button, a new page pops up that you can enter or paste the URL.

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Step 3: Once you’ve entered or pasted the URL, tap Done at the top right hand corner to edit your Instagram story link. That’s it, you’ve done!

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories


Step 4: Just adding a link to your Stories seems to be not enough to drive more traffic to your website. Why? as the link button isn’t so obvious for users to click on it and therefore your links may go ignored. So, How can I entice users to click on the links? You simply add Call to Action to Stories to tell your followers that they can swipe up to see more. By doing so, you’ll increase your link visibility to a wide range of Instagram users.

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Take these steps, you’ll be able to create more interactive posts. But if you want to take short-cut solution for increasing your engagement instead of going through hassles, the spend a little to get automated Instagram likes, views or followers. We, GetFollowersPro is around to serve you with quick and safe service. Our service also covers other social media websites such as Youtube, Facebook or Twitter.

2. How to Use Links In Your Instagram Stories Effectively

You’ve seen that just go through some simple steps then you’re able to add a link to Instagram Stories. However, it’s not advisable to add without strategy. Remember to take the quality and quantity of th links into a great consideration. Take a sneak peek at our following recommendations.

Increase your blog visibility

If you’re gonna run a new blog, you should consider to give people a heads up on it. The effective way to share that new blog to social media platforms is incorporate  its link to your Instagram Stories. When clicking on it, users would aware of your new blog posts.

How to Add Links to Instagram StoriesHow to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Share exclusive content

Your audience is likely to click to see more if they feel intrigued with your information. So, when it comes to using story URLs, you can entice people to find out curious stories. For example, Zach King used the link in Instagram Stories to announce the winners of a contest. Thus, users had to swipe up to get what’s included and who’s the winner.

How to Add Links to Instagram Storiesv

Boost your brands (Products and Services)

If you’re promoting your products and services, you can go for Stories. That’s simple by including a link of your product into story posts. But, make sure to do it relevantly by giving promotional campaigns or giveaways. When users feel fun about your promotion, they’re more likely to click See more.

How to Add Links to Instagram Stories

Final words

The swipeable link in Instagram Stories is a big deal to consider. Marketers have tried to incorporate links to Stories a part of their marketing strategy. If utilized appropriately, this clickable link will definitely be fruitful in driving traffic and sales. How do your clickable links go? Share with us your experience and don’t forget to stay with us for more Instagram hacks.

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