Change Facebook Interface: Quick and Cool

If you are growing bored of the old design of your Facebook interface and are gonna to renew it, go ahead. As you can choose to change Facebook interface in a way that makes your Facebook page cooler. Ready? Here are some tips to refresh your favorite social network. Procedures depend on the web browser you use:

1. Change Facebook Interface with Google Chrome

  • Go to this link to add Flatbook
  • Click Add to chrome
change Faceboock interface
Flatbook Extension
  • Go to your Facebook page, tap the Flatbook icon that sits at the right hand corner
  • Customize Flatbook to get the layout that you expect
change Faceboock interface
Change Facebook Interface with Flatbook

See the difference! this free extension does wonders to change the layout of your Facebook page. It is believed to hides all ads and useless info in the right sidebar. What’s more you will see colorful icons on the left to make it easy for you to read though news feed. You can customize to categorize content into topics. That way makes your Facebook interface a wanted look.

Features of this extension:

  •  New layout for your facebook interface
  • Remove all Facebook ads
  • Make Facebook run faster
  • Categorize news feeds into sections then increase readability of content

You may need to spend time to discover more Flatbook’s useful functions. It definitely change Facebook layout in accordance with your style.

2. Change Facebook Interface with Firefox

This browser may be less popular than Chrome. But in case you’re running on Firefox. Proceed as follows to change the design of your Facebook interface.

change Faceboock interface

  • Proceed to this page and choose your wanted designs
change Faceboock interface
Select your preference

That’s it, you get a new look for your Facebook account

3. Change Facebook Interface with Sarafi

For Sarafi browser, you need to use Sarafi 5’s extention to change Facebook interface

change Faceboock interface

  • Tap on Sarafi menu bar and select what you prefer
  • Click the extension tab and get it
  • Scroll down to click on social Networking
  • Select your extension and click Install

So, GetFollowersPro has just guided you through ways to change Facebook interface on different devices. They are just some tricks to get rid of ads and clutter on Facebook pages. Have you got any other tips to customize the Facebook outlook, share with us in the comment!

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