Cool Facebook Extensions 2017

Do you know? There are a ton of Chrome extensions available to your web browser to help you customize your Facebook according to your preference. Added extensions feature new functions that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Exploiting these add-ons brings you brand new experiences when it comes to using Facebook. To make sure that you do not drop useful add-ons, we’ll get you covered with cool Facebook extensions

1. Facebook Photo Zoom Extension

Photo Zoom makes your photos more visible by enlarging them. By doing so, your pictures stand chance of getting more views. If they are so blur or small, your followers may browse through without watching it.

Cool Facebook extensions 2017

  • Click Add to Chrome
  • Wait for processing
  • You’ll see a small icon that sits on the bottom right hand corner of your Facebook screen. Click on to activate it.

Just hover your cursor over any photo that you want to magnify (photos on your timeline, News Feed or in album photos), full-size version of the photo displays on your screen. Make sure to set Zoomed Opacity up to 100 to kick off full performance. So, you don’t have to click on each individual item in the album.

Cool Facebook extensions 2017

2. Facebook Secret Emoticons Extension

This extension gives you a vast of cool reaction emoji to use when posting a status update. Of course, you can get emoticons by default from Facebook but just limited and perhaps outmoded. When you browse through your Facebook page, you may see your friends using a lot of vivid emoji but you can’t. If so, head to Facebook Secret Emoticon add-on to get an extra set of symbols to see how cool Facebook extensions work!

Cool Facebook extensions 2017

  • Hover your cursor up and down to select wanted icons in the menu, ranging from Pac Man-themed smiley to Facebook’s classic thumbs-up icon.

3. Facebook Purity Extension

You may feel frustrated when your Facebook page full of the junk or items that you don’t want to see. As it name, Purity extension does it work to filter out the junk and to redesign your layout. The lists of unwelcome items hidden can be huge. You will no longer be informed of games or junk events. Free of hassles!

  • Again, go to Chrome web store to download this add-on
  • Login your Facebook account
  • FBP icon pops up next to Home on your Facebook page
  • Click on it then there appears a panel (Click up and down to optimize your Facebook page with given options as seen in the picture. Select whatever you want to hide like game then tap Hide next to it. Done!)

Cool Facebook extensions 2017

4. Toolkit for Facebook

This tool is designed to save your time to do many at once click: accept or refuse all friend request at once, unfollow Facebook groups, and many more to discover. How to use Toolkit for Facebook? Go to this link to get a detail:

They just are among the most useful add-ons  that we don’t want to see you miss it. Pick up any to change your browsing experience and use Facebook as a pro. Hope that these cool Facebook extensions will be in your next adventure, why don’t? If any question, leave a reply below!

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