Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Are you wasting a majority of time on your Facebook? Are you thinking of keeping yourself from your Facebook account for a short period of time? Then, you’re at the right place to get the answer. We’ll provide you with a detail guide to deactivate Facebook account temporarily without downloading any extension.

1. Things to Know

When you don’t want to access your Facebook account, you can deactivate your account temporarily. By doing so, you simply limit access to your Facebook to focus your attention on your work for example. There isn’t any other change to your account.

  • None of your information will be deleted
  • You’re able to reactivate when you prefer
  • Your profile will be hidden from your followers
  • You won’t receive any notifications or messages
  • Your name is still on your followers’ Friend list
  • Your followers still see messages you’ve sent

Now if you’re feeling Facebook is soaking up your time. Take a peek at the following steps to block access to your account for a short time.

2. Deactivate Facebook account

Login in your account with username and password. Then head to Settings

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Once you’re on General settings, scroll down to Manage account section and click Edit

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Click Deactivate your account

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Then you need to enter your password (this step is to make sure that you’re real user). Once you’ve submitted your password, click Continue

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

You need to go through a confirm process to ensure that you want to deactivate Facebook account. Click on This is temporary. I’ll come back (You’re able to choose the length to deactivate Facebook account)

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Facebook will ask you whether you want to logout instead of deactivating your account. Then, click Close

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Then, you just click Deactivate now to disable your profile

 Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

You’ve done! now that your account has been disabled. After a certain period of time, your account will work again. Or if you feel ready to reactivate your account at any time just login back with your email address and password. However, make sure that you’re in need to block your account. Don’t overuse it! Next time, if you’re tired of surfing your Facebook, give this a shot to keep your from visiting your account.

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