Facebook Messenger vs Chrome Browser

Are you’re seeking a short cut to check your messages and notification? If so, today, GetFollowrsPro is gonna share with you a cool solution for this question to use Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser. All you need is download a free Google Chrome Extension. Let’s go to see how it works

1. Download Google Chrome Extension

You guys may already know that these days Facebook Messenger is accessible for all platforms like Android, iOS etc. Similarly, we can get that experience with Google Chrome Extension

  • Visit Chrome Web store and Download this Chrome Extension ( Click here)

Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser

  • See Messenger Extension then tap Add to Chrome
  • Wait a few for downloading
  • You’ll see a blue messenger icon that sits on the left hand corner of your Google browser

Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser

2. Use Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser

Click on Blues Messenger icon then a Chat box will pop up ( this interface is better for reading as compared to reading it on your phone, as Chat box can reach full size)

If you see messenger interface, you succeed. Now you can chat with your friends and others too. Just go as usual, make a video call, send pics or text with your followers.

Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser

That is simple and easy trick to use Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser. Believe me, you’ll cut a lot of hassles when it comes to reply Facebook messages.

More trick

In case you don’t want to add this extension to your browser, we get another tip to use Facebook messenger within your Browser without adding any extension. Facebook has just debuted an independent web interface for messenger feature. You are required to sign in with your Facebook account and continue chatting as normal. Catch a glimpse at this trick:

  • Visit this link Facebook Messenger for web
  • Sign in with your Facebook account
  • Yes, chat box appears and you’ll compose messages, video call, photos or stickers as you always do.

To get new notifications for new chat messages, click on cog wheel button at the top and click to choose settings. If you want to select specific people for turn on or off notifications, click information button next to a contact’s name.

Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser Facebook messenger vs Chrome Browser

It’s easy, right. Browse through these steps, you’ll save a lot of time while chatting with your friends. Especially, when you are snowed under, these methods turn out so precious. Do you get any other tricks to use Facebook messenger? Please share with us.




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