Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

Instagram’s new feature allows us to post photos and videos in a new way. You can upload multiple photos and videos at once. And guess what? you’re able to post up to 10 photos in just a single post. This update enables user to swipe through a bunch of pics easily. You won’t need to sit for hours to go through posting one pic at one time. Have you uploaded Instagram slideshow posts before? How does it go? In this article, we will go over how to post an Instagram slideshow and creative ways to use Instagram slideshow posts to your advantage, especially for your business.

1. How to Post Instagram Slideshow

Login your Instagram account with username and password. When uploading your pics, you’ll see a small icon “Select multiple” on the bottom right of the image part of the screen. It appears like multiple page then tap on it.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

Now you can choose a bunch of pics and videos to upload ( up to 10).

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

Tap Next to choose filter ( all images get the same filter or you may choose to edit each one singly). This step goes as you do with single pic just to edit your photos. You can tap and hold to reorder it within the slideshow.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

Once you’ve edited your photos, tap Next. Don’t forget to write a caption, use hashtag, tag people before sharing.

Because you’ve posted multiple pics in on post, there are few things to note:

  •  The order you click to choose your pics will be the order your content pops up.
  • All photos get the same caption, you can’t use different ones for each.
  • For each picture, you’re able to tag people differently.
  • All pics are in square format.

Done! now that you’ve successfully uploaded Instagram slideshow posts and your users will view, comment or direct message them as normal. In News Feed, slideshow posts are in blue dots to let users know that they can swipe to see more.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

2. Creative Ways to Optimize Instagram Slideshow Posts

Have you wondered why Instagram launched this update. The answer is simply to tackle spam. Imagine if you post up 10 different pics in different post then you’re spamming your followers’ News Feed. Then, to solve this issue, you can go for Instagram slideshow posts. Undoubtedly, this new feature is a goldmine for your business. You can take advantage of it to boost your engagement without spamming your users. Let’s walk through how to use Instagram slideshow posts to your benefit.

Before-after sequences & Theme

That’s great idea to combine multiple pictures in a single post to share a before-after sequence. You’ re able to share multiple sequences in your single slideshow posts. Your users feel intrigued to view a complete process by swiping through each pic. Don’t forget to create an engaging caption to drump up more engagement.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

What’s more, if you’re having a set of similar pics, Instagram slideshow posts are the solution. You should post pics that share a theme in a single post to give users more insight of your content.


Visual slideshow post is an amazing way to tell your story via a combination of photos and videos. Things go like this “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Why don’t using multiple pics to unveil a deep, emotional and powerful story. By doing so, your users see themselves venturing on a journey to conquer a visual story. Go there to see how tell their story with the slideshow post.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

Run a contest or giveaway

You know that host a contest or giveaway is among effective ways to promote your product awareness and drive more traffic to your posts. People are more likely to get involved in your posts if they feel intrigued by prizes or simple pleasure of a contest. If you’re running Instagram contest for your brands, slideshow posts is a great way to feature your contest.

To see more how to run an Instagram contest post effectively, head to this link.

Launch your products

Instagram posts provide a great opportunity to display products in more engaging way. Lipstick brands can show how beautiful the color is in different people while fashion brands can let users see how their clothes looks on different styles. Especially, for launching a new collection, you should use Instagram slideshow posts to allow users browse through all items in a single posts.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

Behind the scenes

If you’re gonna take your followers behind the scenes, you can use the slideshow to showcase behind-the-scenes pics. Your users will get to know how you took the shots.

Get Creative with Instagram Slideshow Posts

These are just some tips among many to optimize your experience with Instagram slideshow posts. If you’re making some sales via Instagram, don’t forget to take advantage of this feature to drum up more engagement. Leave a reply if you get any new tip about running slideshow posts.

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