5 Ways to Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

Don’t you know that one of the best ways to boost your Insta business is to get your brand featured on Instagram Explore page (or known as the Popular page). With high placement on the Explore tab,  you’re more likely to get new followers and increase your brand visibility. If you’re having your photos or videos on the Explore page, you can attract a ton of likes, comments and followers more quickly than others. How can one get on Instagram Explore page? Keep reading this article to the end to find out!

1. How Instagram Explore Page Works?

If you are already using Instagram, you’re familiar with Instagram Search and Explore tab. But have you got any ideas about how does Instagram Explore page work? To access the Explore tab, click on the magnifying icon, then you’ll be taken to the search bar where you can look for Top (All of the below), People ( Users on Instagram), Tags (Hashtags) and Places ( Location tags). Instagram Explore page also features Stories from accounts that Instagram thinks you’re interested, Location stories from near-by positions.

5 Ways to Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

How does Instagram determine the content for the Explore page?

Understanding how content is chosen to appear on the Explore tab is really important to help you build Instagram posts with better content. Your search results depends on numerous factors such as Likes, people you follow. There is no a clear  explanation on how content is chosen, but we can take some following ideas into consideration.

  • Content that is similar to what an user has been interacting with
  • Posts with high engagement (Get more likes, comments or direct message)
  • Content from accounts that are similar to accounts an user is already following

Actually, posts that appear on Instagram Explore page varies from users to users. Content shown on the tab for this user’s account will be different from that user’s account. Those users have long interacted with you will have more content displayed on your Explore tab. So, it’s time to work Instagram Explore tab to your advantage and bolster your Instagram presence.

2. 5 Ways to Get your Brand on Instagram Explore Page

Add a location tag

It’s advisable to add a location tag or hashtags to your post to get it featured on the Explore tab. To add a location tag, you first click on the suggested locations  or search for your preferred locations. You can even create your own location, if you couldn’t find any of your preference.

Compose a new post, write a caption. Then, before sharing it, you click Add location.

5 Ways to Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

Use hashtags to target your audience

About hashtag, don’t overdo with it. Spend your time search for highly-hashtag of the day, of the month to drive more traffic to your posts. In fact, users can add up to 30 hashtags in one posts, but you shouldn’t go over nine. Take a quick look at the do’s and don’ts when it comes to using hashtags.

  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Be specific when using hashtags
  • Come up with hashtags that link to your products or services
  • Don’t include too long hashtags or include too many hashtags in one posts
  • Do not hashtag everything
  • Balance between words and hashtags. Don’t have more hashtags than words

If you don’t have time to put up an effective hashtags strategy, you could give third-party tools a try. Why? There exists amazing hashtag tools that help you to find best hashtags to use, analyze the efficiency of the hashtag you’re already using or even bring you the insights of your competitors’ hashtags. To see more about how to get the best hashtags, take a little peek at this post.

Best time to post

5 Ways to Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

The latest post will appear first in the search tab. That means you wouldn’t find posts last month, or last week of your users. So one of the easiest way to make sure your posts do not go ignored, you need to publish when most of your target audience are most active. This way, your posts are likely to get more views and stand the chance of appearing at the top of the search result. Good news for Instagram business profile, as you can make sense of the specific time when your followers are the most active by using Instagram Insights. Or you can go for Instagram analytics to find the optimal time for posting.

Know your audience

Make it clear about who is your targeted audience? Things that they want most? Whose Instagram Explore page that you want your post shown on? Then you can get a better understanding of your followers and you won’t waste your time with those who are unlikely to buy your products. Your post will stand the chance of displaying on your potential customers’ Explore page. But then you need to pay a great attention to the content that will interest your audience to attract higher engagement. There are some tips to get on your audiences’ explore page as below.

Use the search feature: this way helps you to see what kind of content is popular in your location. Click on Places to note the kinds of content that appear.

Check your Following feed: Click on the heart icon at the bottom of your app then select Following to see what content that your followers is interacting with.

5 Ways to Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

Go with live content

It seems that having your live videos featured on the Instagram Explore tab is a little tricky than with your photos. But it’s worth your time as Instagram gives priority to video content and users tend to click to see video posts when they are scrolling through their News Feed. Thus, your post will reach to a larger audience and expose your products to more and more customers. If you’re going to go live, take these small tips into concern to produce a more engaging content.

5 Ways to Get Featured on Instagram Explore Page

  • Show behind the scenes
  • Include interviews or Instagram takeovers with celebrities
  • Get more people involved with Q & A sessions
  • Run Instagram contests via video content ( That’s a great way to encourage users take part in your UGC posts)

What do you think about these tips? Do you get any other ideas to get on the Instagram Explore page? Share with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to optimize your business with GetfollowersPro’s services.


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