Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

Are you running an Instagram business profile? Are you looking for ways to keep tabs on your Instagram marketing activities? Actually, business profiles give you access to a vast of features that personal profiles cannot. But it takes you time and efforts to manage ¬†your business account. Today, we’re gonna show you how to get Instagram insights totally free without using third-party tools. At the end of the course, you’ll get to know how to analyze your Instagram marketing strategy better.

1. Set up your Instagram business account

You need to switch your Instagram account to a business profile to get access to the free analytic feature via the Instagram app. You should update your Instagram app to the latest version before starting to create a business profile. It won’t take your time, just go through some simple steps to get you started.

To see a step-to-step guide on how to set up an Instagram business account, go to this link.

Once you’ve finished, your account is now a business profile. You can start to grow your business on Instagram. You can also edit your business profile to remove some information from your Instagram profile.

Instagram Insights for Your Business ProfilesInstagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

If you want to switch back to personal account, go to settings and tap on Switch back to personal account.

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

Promote posts within the app

When you’re ready to jumpstart with your business profile. You can now promote them to get more reach.

Tap on the Promote icon under your posts.

Instagram Insights for Your Business ProfilesInstagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

Choose your call to action button (CTA) by clicking on Action button. There appears a drop-down menu for you to select your option (learn more, see more..).

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

Enter the link for the landing page to take your visitors to.

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

Set your audience, budget, duration of your promotion. You can customize your own audience according to your preference.

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

Once you’ve finished, review your promotion to see if it is ok. Then click accepted to, your promotion start running.

Benefits of using business profile

As I said, business profiles bring you lots of benefits that are not available to personal account. It helps your business to engage more effectively with potential customers.

Contact button: This feature makes it easy for customers to contact with your brands.

Analytic tool: You are able to view impressions, reach, engagement and more. Thus, you get a better understanding of your audiences, of your marketing efforts.

Promote tool: This tool is only available to business profiles. You can change a popular post into an ad within the app.

Now, we’re going to find out more about the analytic tool accessible to business profiles.

2. Get Instagram Insights for your business profile

Instagram Insights displays fundamental figures and stats to analyze your Instagram marketing activities. You’ll find out more about your followers such as when most of your user on, and you’ll get to know what are your top posts. Then, you can adjust your marketing tactics to reach more followers and increase your brand awareness.

How to access your Instagram Insights? Once you’ve switched your account to a business profile, tap the bar graph icon at the top right of your page next to your settings wheel icon.

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

You won’t have any post insights until you post something on your new business profile. When you post something, Instagram Insights will show you know details about impressions and reach as well as the number of website clicks.

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

If you’re running Instagram ads, you’ll be able to see stats of your campaign. Tap what do these mean to see a full detail.

Instagram Insights for Your Business Profiles

There are other free analytic third-party tools for you to go for. These tools help you to get a deeper insight of your Instagram business activities. Are you going well with your current strategy? How do your competitors work? and more to find out. Go to this link to see more about free Instagram Insights tools.

Are you ready to venture on your Instagram business profile? Leave a reply in the comments for further discussion.

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