Link FacebooK Group vs Facebook FanPage

Have you heard that Facebook users now can link Facebook Group vs Facebook fanpage? Yes, you can. This new feature enables a direct connection between your page with the group that you’re an admin, thus making it easier for you to keep interacting with followers. You’ll stay more connected with things that are going on your Facebook account. Are you looking the way to make it? If so, take a sneak peek into our following step-by-step guide.

1. Facebook Page vs Facebook Group

Before going into the guide to link Facebook Group and Facebook fanpage, we want to make it clear about what’s the difference between a Facebook page and Facebook group?

Facebook Pages

Unlike your profile, Facebook pages ar visible to everyone by default. Facebook users can follow these pages by becoming a fan and then keep informed new updates in their News Feed. Public figures, organizations and celebrities use Facebook pages to create their public presence on Facebook.

For example: I am a fan of Little Big Shots Show, so I connect with the official Facebook Fanpage of this show to take up on the latest episode that I’m looking for.

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

Facebook Group

So, as I’ve just mentioned Pages are designed to be the official profiles for public images. Meanwhile, Facebook group is a destination for people of the same interest to share and express their viewpoint. Once you create a group, you’re able to determine on whether to make it publicly that everyone can join or keep it private that followers need a administration approval.

Anyway, you can stay more connected on Facebook by joining with different Pages and groups or can create a group of your own. Imagine, if you’re running a Facebook group, it’s really important to link it with your Facebook page. Why does it matter?

Here comes the reasons

  • Boost your Facebook engagement: your Facebook group will appear on your Page and vice versa, thus driving more traffic and fans to your page.
  • Admin of the Page will be able to post on group.
  • Members of group can connect to authentic Page.

You can take my word for it. Try and see the magic!

2. Steps to Link Facebook Group vs Facebook Fanpage

Step 1: Add tab ( If you haven’t done)

  • Go to your Fanpage

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpageLink Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

  • Click on Settings that sits at the right hand corner of your Facebook page
  • Click on Edit page on the left panel

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

  • Turn Use Default Tabs off ( If it is on)

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

  • SCroll down and select Add a tab

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

  • Click Add tab next to Group as seen in the pictureLink Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage
  • Proceed to Close
  • Click to reset the order the tabs according to your preference

Step 2: Get the URL

  • Click on Settings next to Groups
  • Copy the URL to share the Group tab with people directly

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage


Step 3: Link your groups

  • Once finishing step 1 and step 2,  back to the Fanpage, you’ll see the group tabs
  • Click on the group tabs

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

  • Click on Link your Group (You can link a page to as many as groups that you want and vice versa)

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpageLink Facebook group vs Facebook fanpagev

  • Repeat to add more groups

Link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage

Step 4: Check your result

Follow these simple and fast hints then you’ll can link Facebook group vs Facebook fanpage. To check whether you make it successfully, go to your fanpage. All linked groups will appear with its link

More tips: If you have already had a Facebook group to link with page, just follow these above steps. But if you haven’t, you need to create a new one. How? Create a new Facebook group:

  • Click on Create Group at Group tabs

Create a new Facebook group

  • Set a name for your group
  • Add some friends
  • Select privacy ( Keep it private or make it public)
  • Click “Create”

It’s done! If you’re running a group together with a fanpage then take a few minutes to link them together. Why don’t?

Share your experience and leave comments below for more help!

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