5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

Have you ever thought about sharing your Instagram posts on Facebook? Well, publish Instagram posts on your Facebook page is an effective way to boost organic reach. Why don’t you give it a shot to get better engagement on Facebook. In this post, we’ll show you hassle-free ways on how to republish Instagram content on Facebook. It’s worth your time to get a new tactic for posting on social platforms.

1. Why Should We Republish Instagram Content on Facebook?

Is there any intriguing benefit of reposting Instagram photos and videos on Facebook? Take a look at some outstanding following reasons, then you’ll definitely start your own trial.

  • Boost organic reach: You know that Facebook and other social sites give priority to visual content. Therefore, Instagram photos reposted will stay longer in News Feed for your followers to see.
  • Power of photos: As part of  your marketing strategy, using photos or visual content is a recommended idea. That’s a short-cut way to increase engagement and response by catch more people’s attention. That seems to be a very worthwhile investment into taking great photos to post on social media.
  • Peer Interaction:When it comes to republish Instagram content on Facebook, you’ll receive more interaction than you don’t. Why? Because you’ll reach a different range of followers on Facebook. Not all your friends follow you on Instagram. So to make sure all of your friends get access to your posts, you should repost your Instagram photos.

That sounds persuasive enough to support the idea that republish Instagram content can help you get higher engagement and drive more traffic to your website.

2. How to Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

We’re going to introduce three ways to get you started. Stay to the end to discover how things work.

Use the URL to repost Instagram content to Facebook

Go to a certain Instagram photo that has been posted.

Click on the three dots of the image (if you’re on your mobile device) to copy the URL. If you are using on your desktop, copy the URL link at the top of your screen. Click on Copy Share URL.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

Then Once you’ve copied, paste the URL into your Facebook page status.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

Once the Instagram post renders, you need to delete the URL and write your status update.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

Then click Post to publish your Instagram post on your Facebook page.

Use the embed code to repost to Facebook

This is quite similar to the first one but you have to use the embed code. Go to any Instagram post that you want to share  and click on the three dot at the bottom to copy the embed code.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

There a box pops up, click Embed.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook


Click the green button to copy it.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

Head to your Facebook page and past the code in your new status update.

When the Instagram post renders, delete the embed code and write your post text. Then click Publish.

Use the Facebook option on Instagram to repost

You can go for the automatic post to Facebook option to republish your Instagram content. But doing so, the text in Facebook post will the same as that of your Instagram post. Anyway, it’s easy to start and won’t take you lots of time.

Create an Instagram post.

Turn on the post to Facebook option  before sharing it. Then, the Instagram post will now publish to both Instagram and Facebook page.

5-Minute Craft Republish Instagram Content on Facebook

You can edit your status update on your Facebook page.

Now it’s time to take some photos and start to republish it on Facebook. All you can see is the increase in organic reach. More or less, this way will bring you more followers. Share with us how do you repost your Instagram content to Facebook in the comments below!

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