Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

You would think of Instagram as an ideal photo sharing app to upload your beautiful photos and videos. Yes, it is easy for one to post their pics on Instagram via their mobile device. But have you ever thought you are able to do this right at your desktop? Actually, there is currently no built-in option that users can post their photos or videos via the desktop web. The answer lies in several third-party desktop tools and applications which allows you to upload Instagram photos from your desktop web. We are going to show you two incredible tools to make your posting experience more convenient.

1. Upload Instagram Photos via Desktop with Gramblr

In fact, Gramblr is a simple choice to upload Instagram photos without heading to your mobile devices. This desktop app only lets you upload photos not videos to Instagram. You need to download it to your computer with some simple steps. Then you login the tool with your Instagram account and you will be able to post photo as usual.

Follow steps as below to start using Gramblr:

Head to this link to download Gramblr. Click Download now


Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

Once you’ve download successfully, open the file and set up Gramblr

You need to sign up with your email and your Instagram password  as well as username.

Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

Then Gramblr homepage pops up as shown in the picture

Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

Choose  the photo you would like to upload

Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

Add some filters then click continue

Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

Add caption and hit upload ( Don’t forget to make intriguing caption to drive more engagement and reach)

Upload Instagram Photos from Desktop Web

2. Upload Instagram photos from Desktop with Bluestacks

This app is a little bit complex compared with Gramblr because it allows you to run mobile apps on your computer. Unlike Gramblr, you are able to upload both photos and videos with Bluestacks.

Go to this link to download Bluestacks and wait minutes for processing

You’re asked to add your existing Google account and sign in or you can create a new account

Then sign in with your Google account to start using Bluestacks

Once you’ve entered successfully, you are able to start using Bluestacks to upload your videos or photos on your Instagram account from desktop just like what you’ve done with Gramblr.

We’ve just walked you through two free desktop apps to upload Instagram photos right from your desk web. In fact, there exists other tools to consider such as Dropbox, ScheduGram or Latergramme. However, these tools are much more tricky to use. The benefit fo these apps is that you can schedule posts to upload at certain times, which is really useful for your brands. But the downside is they cost your budget that you have to pay a sum of money for uses. If you’re a big business, you can consider giving them a shot to improve your company’s posting tactics. Get the tool that suits you most and start your trial. Don’t forget to start a discussion in the comments below.



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