5 Ways To Increase Facebook Likes in 2022

You don’t have to be a social media expert to know that Facebook likes matter. If you run a business. the more Likes you have the more credible your business is. There is no getting around it. Likes are the social proof of your business needs. Facebook has over two billion users. which means your audience reach can be on a gigantic scale.

Sure. that is a huge potential for your business. but there are over 60 million active Facebook business pages on the platform making competition rife.

So. how do you increase those all-important likes?

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with these simple strategies.


This is number one on the list because you would be surprised how many business owners miss this step even though it is the most important one.

Developing a marketing strategy allows you to define your target audience. research the competition. and set goals.

By doing this. you will save time and money or you can buy Facebook likes.

Define Your Audience:

If you don’t know your target audience. then you are wasting your budget if you have one. and if you don’t. you are wasting your time. After all. your aim is to get Likes from those who are most likely to buy your product and engage with your business. Creating a customer persona is a great way to do this. Define who your ideal client is and work from there. Facebook has a highly intuitive feature called “Audience Insights” where you can gather data on your audience by age. geographic. interests. etc.

Research Your Competitors:

Keeping a close eye on your competition will help you identify which techniques are working and which aren’t. Doing so will allow you to make the right moves to increase your Likes and engagement.


This might sound obvious. but sometimes it can be overlooked.

According to research. people are more likely to buy from a brand that has a solid online presence.

So. you need to make sure that your Facebook page is as attractive as possible. There are many parts to a Facebook page. therefore. every aspect of it has to be Like/Follow worthy. Providing key business details such as contact information. company reviews and milestones will make your business look more credible.

 Choose Your Profile and Cover Picture Wisely:

These two are the first visuals people will see of your company so make sure they are compelling and represent your business well. One image that can convey what your company is all about can be very effective. So really put some thought into it.

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