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Instagram: Facebook, and Twitter, are one of the most shared photos and video-sharing sites after LinkedIn. Thanks to its easy-to-use, easy-to-understand interface, and the ability to post directly, it is rapidly advancing towards being the most frequently used program. In this article for you, we have answered your questions such as: “Is there a video download application for Instagram ?, What are the methods of downloading videos from Instagram? How to download videos from Instagram most easily?” Here are all the details about Instagram… Pleasant readings.

Video Download from Instagram:

While many social networking sites have been losing users recently, the number of new users of Instagram is increasing day by day. There are many reasons for this, of course. However, the most important feature of the software language of Instagram is that we make a realistic determination rather than convenience and understandability.

Instagram users can share videos on their personal accounts as well as video sharing. Offering approximately 1 minute of video sharing, Instagram uses software that prevents the copying of users’ photos or videos for security reasons. It does this in order to prevent the privacy of its users and the materials it shares from being used and used by other users.

Although this is the case, it is possible to download a video shared by someone else from Instagram with some browser add-ons, online sites and new applications.

So how to download videos from Instagram?

Let’s look at the answer to this question together.

How To Download Video And Photo From Instagram?

As we mentioned above, it is possible to download videos from both online sites and browser add-ons.


  • Find the URLs (addresses) of the videos or photos you want to download and copy them.
  • Open the address in the new tab in the browser and paste it into the address line.
  • Then click the download tab.

That’s all.

Now let’s introduce the sites that can download videos and photos from Instagram.

Instagram Video and Photo Download Sites

in sevens

It is possible to use the site where you can download both photos and videos online. You can download videos as MP4 and photos as jpg in a few seconds from the completely free site.


This is a site that offers a free service to download videos from Instagram. All you have to do is enter the URL of the Video on Instagram and hit the “Go” button.


Unlike Dredown, Insloder, and other sites, it allows you to download videos not only from Instagram but also from many popular sites such as the popular video viewing site Youtube, Twitch, and Vimeo.


More than 1000 platforms are provided on the Pick video online website. You can make videos and photos from the site in 3, or 5 seconds.

I Downloadgra

Downloadgram, like other websites, allows you to download free photos and videos from Instagram.

Insload is

The feature that distinguishes Insloader from other websites is the Google Chrome plugin. Like all other services, Insloader offers free video and photo download services.

Gramsav to

The Gramsave site on our list also provides the opportunity to download videos and photos from Instagram. With a very simple interface, all you have to do is paste and download the link.

Download Videos From

Download Videos From is a handy tool for downloading online videos from Instagram. You can download Instagram files as MP4 files within a few seconds.

Is there an application for downloading Instagram videos?

Yes, there is. To download photos and videos from Instagram, just write “Download Video from Google Play Store”. The applications will be offered to you as an option in your search.

Is there an Instagram Video Download Plugin?

There is a link to access the plugins of the browser you use to access all the plugins. For example, you can add the plugins you need to your browser by searching “Instagram Video Downloader” from the https://chrome.google.com/webs …  link from Google’s Chrome browser.

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