Buy likes on Facebook! Bad idea?

You have your business. Do you have a website? You feel ready to get started on social media. You choose Facebook and you open your Fan Page.

So far, nothing abnormal.

You want to have lots of fans to bring them to your site, but since you just opened your page on Facebook, your like count is still at zero.

Rest assured, we’ve all been there.

Building and retaining your community of fans is a long-term job. If you are here to find a quick fix to increase your likes artificially then go your way, this article is not for you.

It would not be very ethical of us to recommend that our customers buy likes in order to “bluff” their audiences, especially by buying Facebook likes instantly you literally shoot yourself in the foot.

But first, let’s try to understand what can make businesses want to buy likes.

Buy likes – fake designs, Grow up fast

We all want to grow taller quickly. Especially when we are a small business that has just started. As no one knows our brand, we believe that no one is going to “like” us. Indeed, what good is it to publish content for just 3 people? We understand that it is enticing for some to have 1000 likes, but when it comes to 1000 fake likes, it is really not worth the effort.

Appear popular

The main argument of sites that offer the purchase of likes at a discount is: A restaurant that looks crowded must be better than an empty restaurant. We totally understand the thinking behind it, but again this is a very short-term strategy with a lot of downsides going forward.

Also, people who come into a restaurant to eat something are real people, with a real desire to eat in that restaurant. If we take the parallel further, buying fake fans on Facebook would be like placing extras in this restaurant to attract people. Ridiculous? Not as much as buying fake Facebook fans.

We quickly understand that it is more interesting in terms of cost per like to buy likes on a Facebook page.

Why is buying likes on Facebook a very (very very) bad idea?

Facebook has implemented an algorithm that will determine if the content you have posted is “interesting” and then make it visible to more people. If among your first fans (around 6% to 10%) no one likes, comments, or shares your content, Facebooklikes will consider your content to be uninteresting. You will never reach all of your fans even if they liked your page.


By dint of using Facebook, users begin to understand how it works and will not fall for your deception: if you have a million fans but only 3 likes on each of your posts, you will not be bluffing anyone anymore.


Thanks to the data that users provide, Facebook is now able to know very precisely the users of each fan page: how old are they? Are there more women or men? Where do they live? Etc. This data is crucial information to be able to publish targeted content for your fans. With fake likes among your fans, you can say goodbye to relevant analysis.


The day you want to boost a post to advertise to your fans, as you will not be able to separate the false fans from the real ones, your advertisements will be published in part to robots (the extras of the restaurant) who do not have any. nothing to do with your publications. In other words, you’re just going to throw money away.

Return on investment

Admittedly, one of the main reasons that push companies to put themselves on Facebook is the acquisition of new customers. Unfortunately, your millions of fake Facebook fans made up of fake profiles and bots will never earn you anything in terms of revenue.

Once you realize that buying Facebook likes were a really bad idea, you’re going to waste a lot of time cleaning up your fan base, especially if you decide not to create a new page.


Without excusing it, we fully understand what can drive businesses to buy fake likes. We hope, however, that after reading our preventive article, we will have cleared all envy from you, especially if you have a long-term vision of your business image.

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