How to change Facebook privacy settings on Android?

Facebook users later went crazy Cambridge Analytical – Facebook scandal appeared and user data collected was used to help politicians around the world. Today, everyone is very concerned about Facebook’s data processing and privacy policies. Therefore, everyone wants to control their own data. Fortunately, anyone on Facebook can change their privacy settings. In this post, we will introduce you to how to change Facebook privacy settings on Android. You can also control what third-party apps can collect from you.

Various Ways to Change Facebook Privacy Settings on Android

According to Facebook, they tried to reduce privacy breaches and personal data leaks through connected third-party apps like Cambridge Analytical. Still, no one can guarantee that the following apps are safe to use. Therefore, it is advisable to take precautions before it occurs. You can easily update your privacy settings from your account’s Facebook Android app.

Secure your Facebook account

The first step to keeping your Facebook data safe is to secure your account. You can prevent unprivileged users or hackers from reaching you in several ways:

Choose a strong password for your account. Follow the steps below to easily change your Facebook password from the Android app. Open the Facebook app> tap the hamburger button (3 horizontal lines) Right edge> [Settings & Privacy]> [Account Settings]> [Security & Login]> [Change Password].

Also, set additional security as follows: Facebook app> Tap the hamburger button on the far right (3 horizontal rows)> Settings & privacy> Account settings> Security & login> “Get alert for unrecognized login” Turn on ” You can also enable less than two-factor authentication.

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Conduct a privacy check

Facebook also seems to be less worried, providing security diagnostics for everyone in addition to user data privacy. Understand the security and privacy settings currently being followed in your public profile. In the privacy search section of your profile, you can also include phone numbers, email IDs, education/work/address details, and more than control the visibility of your personal information.

If you want to change the privacy settings of connected apps using your profile, you can also find them. To run the Quick Privacy Diagnostic, follow these steps:

Open the Facebook app and tap the hamburger button on the far right (3 horizontal lines)> Settings & Privacy> Privacy Shortcuts> Privacy Diagnostics.

Change app and website settings

Facebook is a ” login with Facebook” option a few years ago. This allows third-party websites and apps to authenticate users to your site without having to manually enter your credentials and details, and other details, without having to authenticate with your Facebook account. This allows the website/app to get the data it needs from your Facebook account (restricted access, apparently) your Facebook profile. Many of you may have logged in to many websites using your Facebook account.

You can easily update your account privacy settings from the Facebook Android app. Here are some simple guidelines for observing your app and removing accessibility features if you don’t think you need them.

Open the Facebook app on your Android smartphone.

Tap the hamburger button (3 horizontal rows) at the far right end.

Scroll down to ” Settings & Privacy.”

Select Account Settings> Apps.

Select log in with Facebook to view (and delete if necessary) the website and app that you used to create your account with your personal Facebook data.

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