Create a sense of unity to increase Instagram followers

Ever you wanted to increase your followers on Instagram? Anyone who has dreamed of a direct Instagram account as a popular grammar Instagram. What is the difference between these popular accounts and ordinary accounts? One answer is the publications unit. This time, we show and explain how to create a sense of unity, where the number of followers naturally increases the capture their hearts on Instagram.

Why is it important a sense of unity on Instagram?

Currently, Instagram is used mainly for its own brand and information dissemination. If it is a company or brand of clothing, I think the goal is to share the correct image by introducing products and services and sending the latest information included in the press release. In the operate an individual Instagram, if you model or artist can publish your daily life and get followers to familiarize yourself and empathize, send your own fashion sense and your work, and become a fan. Probably you want to increase it. However, no matter how hard publication and Instagram, if you feel a sense of unity, the number of followers will not increase.

According to one theory, 75% of people who visit decide to follow your account within 5 seconds. No matter how thoroughly investigated publish with relevant hashtags, it makes no sense to look at all your publication and think you should not. The keyword for this is unity. Humans have only a positive impression when publications are planned and information is well organized. First, let’s see what kind of unity there is.

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How to create a sense of unity in the published content on Instagram

Even if you call it a sense of unity, there are several ways to turn it off. We research a variety of cohesive Instagram accounts and categorized their content and patterns. First, what type of content should be unified? The following four elements were common to the publications they felt a sense of unity.

I think the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an Instagram unit is the unit colors. The term “color” simply means that there are colors like white, red, and black, and there are different shades of color and brightness. There are many people doing this because they can change the editing function on Instagram, and recently can be easily adjusted editing applications. Remember the values of color shading and clarity that establish the edit to be applicable to other publications, or take note of them.

You can also edit the frame with the application and attach it. Cameraman accounts are often used to administer Instagram as its own portfolio (Collection of Works). By simply adding a white frame around the top, bottom, right, left, and the whole picture, it will be completed in a piece of fashion and good taste, and when you look at the complete publication will be born each picture sharpness. Of course, the content of the framework will be good, so it is also recommended as it will prevent spoilage.

What do you think is the reason why people keep Instagram? There are several reasons like “because they are friends,” “because they are cute” and “because they are fashionable.” The underlying reason is that it seems beneficial to follow. Even when I interact with friends, there seems to me to merit the cure to seeing images of beautiful people and refer to fashion. In that sense, if you have a sense of unity on the issue, those who saw their own can judge at a glance what information and experience can get with this account.

For example, if you use the same paste for all subjects, you can tell at a glance you can get delicious pasta following information about this account. If it is difficult to shoot the same every time, you can create a sense of unity by a cover and inserting characters in several publications (publication carousel). It is useful to have one.

The images can be viewed neatly simply unifying what part of the image you want to copy the subject. Printing of the subject changes greatly depending on whether the subject shoots directly from above, from the side, or from below. If there is a theory when you want to express a vertically long or tall object, take a horizontal from the side, and if you want to express a wide or shoot multiple small objects, take a margin and take a picture fashion from above. You can. In the beginning, it can be a little embarrassing to shoot from directly above or adjust the viewing angle waist down but can be a little embarrassing, but for a unified account Instagram is not compromised. Let’s do it.

The following is a method to create a unified feeling in the publication pattern. Of course, it is true that all publications have the same sense of unity in the content previously presented, but it is also true that many people feel frustrated and frustrated when they actually try it. Therefore, there is a method to decide the order of publication and to give a sense of unity only in that order. I present them one by one.

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