Get more followers on Instagram! Introducing 11 methods

Today, Instagram has become an integral part of the lives of many people in the USA. If you are crazy to get more followers on Instagram then keep calm and stay tuned.

Here are some common worries about doing Instagram.

“Fewer followers!” “I want to increase followers!”

Whether you’re a company rep or an influencer, you’re sometimes struggling with a lack of followers. So, this article will show you 13 ways to increase followers on Instagram with real data. Please check it out!

How to increase followers on Instagram

1. Use the correct hashtag

The goal of Instagram is to increase engagement while increasing followers. Posting new, cool photos is definitely the first step.

But don’t forget to add hashtags to your photos. Adding a hashtag to a photo increases the likelihood that fans and followers of that hashtag will find your photo.

So which hashtag should I use?

Instagram users, like Twitter and other social networks, tend to use certain hashtags.

Below are the top 10 most popular hashtags of 2020 announced by Facebook.

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #beautiful
  5. #fashion
  6. #tbt
  7. #happy
  8. #cute
  9. #followme
  10. #like4like

The popularity of love is amazing! !!

“But these hashtags don’t fit my picture …” What should I do in such a case?

Using hashtags and using the right hashtags are completely different!

Popular hashtags may bring you new followers and likes. But they don’t play that big role in terms of long-term engagement, new followers, and sales.

So we need to find the right hashtag for the photo. Don’t just express your brand, find the perfect hashtag for your brand or photo that a certain number of people search for and use on Instagram.

And then, let’s put together a list of possible hashtags. After that, you need to choose which hashtag to use, but keep in mind that Instagram only allows up to 30 hashtags per post.

Also, the hashtags used are changing daily, as in fashion. It’s difficult to stay at the forefront of the trend, but keep checking in celebrities and influencer posts to keep up.

Also, if you have no idea about hashtags, you may want to refer to hashtags of rival companies and peers. But ultimately, the goal is to create a group of hashtags relevant to your brand.

Then, for example, copy and paste 25 hashtags that are common to all posts, and customize the rest to suit your posts. Doing so saves you the time of tagging.

Use hashtags for Instagram Stories

Hashtags can be used for stories as well as posts. The use of hashtags in Stories increases the likelihood that fans of the hashtag will discover them.

You can attach a hashtag sticker to Stories. (Tap next to the pen icon at the top after taking a photo or video for Stories, there is a sticker written with the # hashtag at the top.)

2. Use filters

Hashtags are not the only way to get followers. Instagram users tend to prefer certain filters and responses. By using these filters, you may be able to further increase engagement.

Here are the top 10 most popular Instagram filters in the world by Iconosquare.

  1. No filter
  2. Clarendon
  3. Juno
  4. Lark
  5. Ludwig
  6. Gingham
  7. Valencia
  8. X-Pro II
  9. Lo-fi
  10. Amaro

What is really interesting is that many people don’t actually use filters. On the other hand, it’s also true that the filters you use will change the potential for engagement. The following TrackMaven please refer to the data by. You can see that Mayfair, Hefe, and Ludwig have gotten a lot of reactions.

However, there are generally popular filters, but the preferred ones depend on the type of followers and what you are posting. The following image is the data of the person who wrote the original text of this article.

As I write in 11, accounts with consistency are easier to get followers. Based on that, first, find a filter that fits your account and brand. Or post without filters. Once you decide, you can keep using it and keep your account consistent to attract more users.

3. Update Instagram at the right time

Hashtags and filters are important elements, but it is also important to post at the right time to get the response of many people.

If you use a social media analytics tool like IconoSquare, you can analyze when and how your posts get the most reactions.

In the image below, the bullets indicate what day of the week and at what time they posted. On the other hand, the gray circle shows how much reaction was obtained. Choosing the day of the week and the day that responds best will help you reach more people.

You can also use the same function with Instagram Insight, which can be used with your business account. Please also check here.

4. Get Rival Followers

One way to discover new followers is to reach your peers and rivals. Rival followers are likely to be already interested in your product, service, or genre. Many users have suddenly been followed by an account with a stranger. Such an account may be coming from a service you follow.

So how do you get followers?

There are three main ways to engage your followers:

  • Follow users
  • Like a photo
  • Comment on photos

The following is a test result of Richard who wrote this article. He has a Toronto-based business and has already added locations to his profile to make it more familiar to those who follow him.

He followed 100 of his rivals’ followers, then followed & Liked another 100 and followed & Liked & commented on another 100. Here are the test results:

  • Follow only: 14% follow back
  • Like & Follow: 22% follow back
  • Comment & Follow & Comment: 34% follow back

The result is very clear. The deeper you reach, the more likely you are to follow back.

5. Use influencers

All of the previous methods are great, but if you really want an impact, consider marketing with influencers.

On the other hand, this method is not usually free, unlike the ones we’ve shown. However, the effect is enormous when used properly.

To get started, do some market research to see what accounts are popular. Searching for influencers from hashtags may be a good way. Usually, when searching from the app, posts that have received many “likes” as “popular posts” will appear.

You can also see influencer marketing posts made by other brands by checking the hashtag #PR.

It’s not always necessary to do influencer marketing, but using it successfully can leave a stronger impact. That’s exactly why many influencer marketings are on Instagram.

6. Use location information

In addition to hashtags, Instagram posts and stories can include location information such as the building or city where the photo was taken

Location information appears not only in your followers’ feeds but also in your stories by adding location stickers.

image locally-based businesses use location information to increase the likelihood that customers in your city will see your posts.

7. Highlight stories

When potential followers visit your Instagram profile, you don’t have much time to convince them to follow you. It is very important to enhance your profile.

One of the functions that should be used there is “Story Highlights”. This allows you to keep together stories that have been posted and deleted in the past (usually stories will disappear in 24 hours).

Use this feature when you have a big event or want to show your followers, and save your stories so they can be shown even after 24 hours.

How to take advantage of highlights

  • Account introduction
  • Post content that fits your brand and content
  • Introduce products with photos and videos
  • Link and promote products (swipe up) (You need at least 10,000 followers in your business account to use them)

8. Please

It’s very straightforward, but asking you to follow is one hand.

This is the same way YouTubers ask viewers to subscribe at the end of a video. When you hear this, you’ll see that it’s not really a funny story.

In addition, you can ask with a hashtag, and there are many tags for mutual follow-up. You won’t know if someone seeking mutual follow-up will be a fan of your business, but it might be worth trying.

9. Ride the trend

It’s very important to put your content on trending topics and hashtags.

It’s a good idea to post about a trending topic or event or to use a specific anniversary hashtag. For example, on International Coffee Day on October 1, 202020, consider posting in advance about #NationalCoffeeDay #Coffee Day (and so on so that you can get on the trend.

Click here for a list of anniversaries that can be used on SNS

Of course, at the same time, it’s also important to know if your target audience is really interested in such trends. But it’s generally safe to be on the trend, and it’s definitely going to be noticed by many users.

10. Present

Presenting products to increase followers and fans is a common practice. In campaigns often performed in Japan, you can follow the account and like the post to complete the application, or follow the account and complete the application with a comment on the post.

If you want to give a gift by running a campaign, etc., make sure to check the Instagram promotion guidelines.

If you want to see the campaigns of other companies, # campaign, and # present plan please refer to the hashtags such as.

The problem with present planning is that it can only be stabbed by people who are trying to win. Nevertheless, apparent followers will always increase, but it will be difficult in terms of future engagement.

11. Make your posts consistent

Many followers don’t follow you based on posts you’ve posted in the past, but follow you in anticipation of what kind of posts will be in the future. So it’s important to let your followers know in advance what you’ll post in the future.

For example, it’s surprisingly easy to post at the same pace, post on a similar theme, or make your account consistent. Even if it is a simple product photo, it is not surprisingly difficult to post images with similar backgrounds using similar filters.

Of particular importance are the last nine posts and profile descriptions. This is the first thing you see when you visit your account. So, when taking the filter approach as described in 2, make sure to post images with a similar mood in a row.

Grow your business with Instagram

This article has shown you how to use Instagram to increase your followers. However, the number of followers is not the single most important factor for successful business owners. Like most social networks, Instagram’s most successful strategy is to engage with customers sincerely.

If you want engagement as well as followers, Instagram is also the best space for your brand and product. For those who connect Instagram with the e-commerce business, you will get more profit.

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