How to Add URL to Instagram Story?

Many people want to know “How to add URL to Instagram Story” The Instagram story has a function to put a URL link! This is a useful function to know how to use when introducing web pages.

If you put the URL in the story, you can have them jump to that page by swiping it up.

In this article, I will explain in detail how to paste a URL link, why it is not possible, and how to swipe up.

How to paste an Instagram story URL link and conditions

Why can’t I link an Instagram story URL?

The URL link of the story is a function that can be used not only by corporate accounts but also by general users.

However, there is one condition!

The condition is that “the number of followers exceeds 10,000 “!

If you have more than 10,000 followers, you will be able to use it without any setting or application. First, try to increase your followers to 10,000.

How to paste an Instagram story URL link

Next, I will show you how to paste a story link.

How paste a URL link to an Instagram story is very easy!

First, open the screen where you post the story, and select the photo you want to post with a URL link.

Then tap the third link-like link from the left!

Then tap the + weblink button,

Copy and paste the URL you want to link.

This can lead you to the website from the story, so try it!

How to swipe the story URL link (viewpoint)

Here’s how to read the link when a post with a URL link appears in a story posted by another person!

Shut in the direction of the arrow! ! You can easily jump to the linked website by sliding it!

You can also fly to the website by tapping this button!

Either way is fine.

Recommended method if you want to jump to the link you posted yourself

When you link a story, you want people to fly to your website.

In such a case, let’s appeal by processing GIF stamps and stories!

If you can use the URL function of the Instagram story, the way of enjoying Instagram is likely to increase further.

Note: Make your followers more than 10,000, and use this feature to share anything!

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