How to become a YouTuber?

What preparations are needed to become a YouTuber? How to become a popular YouTuber from Newbie Learn how to get started with YouTube, including how to become a YouTuber for monetization!

What you need to become a YouTuber

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YouTube, is a video distribution service used worldwide. The person who distributes on YouTube is called YouTuber.

YouTuber is one of the professions that has attracted so much attention that it can be chosen to become a young generation.

The reason for Youtuber (YouTuber) is also selected to the popularity of the occupation, can be in the work that I like is that there is a merit. It is a very enviable profession to be able to make money with whatever you like.

Learn how to get started with YouTubers, how to do it, what equipment you need, how to monetize with YouTubers, and the risks.

First of all, what preparations are required to become a YouTuber?

No qualification required

Do I need qualifications to become a YouTuber?

No qualifications are required to get started with YouTubers.

YouTubers are a wide range of people, from celebrities to ordinary people, but you can get started at any time.

Various genres of videos are distributed, including live games, how to use camping equipment, how to use beauty-related products, and videos where children play with toys and introduce them.

In some cases, YouTuber, who has the expertise and qualifications on the road, is more persuasive and may need a qualification in some ways to deliver videos explaining the law and study.

Continuity to keep uploading videos

I want to work and make money from YouTubers. An important part of how the popular YouTuber works are to keep delivering videos.

Among the many YouTubers that are popular, when you become a popular YouTuber, the number of subscribers is over tens of thousands, the number of views is millions of times, and the count of extraordinary views will jump in.

No matter how popular YouTubers are, everyone starts out with 0 views and 0 videos subscribed to their videos.

As you can imagine, it’s important to keep delivering on YouTube, as the phrase “continuation is power”. Especially if you want to earn money on YouTube, you need to be prepared to keep delivering one book every day.

Make sure you know what YouTuber you are by so that interested viewers can subscribe to your channel.

If the broadcast frequency is too slow or irregular, viewers looking forward to the broadcast will leave. Even if the number of views does not increase, it may be noticed for some reason.

YouTubers who want to monetize should value the viewers who subscribed to one or two people and continue to distribute without giving up.

Time for shooting and editing

How long does it take to stream a video on YouTube or edit a video you shot?

There are some YouTubers that only distribute live on YouTube, but most YouTubers edit and distribute the recorded live distribution or the video that was shot later.

Even if the shooting time for distributing the video is about 10 to 20 minutes, the editing time of the video may take 2 to 3 hours.

Depending on the length of the shooting time, it takes more time to edit the movie, but it takes about 2 to 4 hours a day to work.

The editing contents mainly include cutting work, attaching telos, adding background music and sound effects, adding OP / ED, and exporting.

Popular YouTubers do this almost every day. It may take longer than this time to get used to becoming a YouTuber.

Viewers are also watching the content of this edited video. Depending on the content of the edit, it will attract attention as a YouTuber that delivers interesting and easy-to-view videos.

The power to build trust

Beyond YouTube alone, gaining trust can make your activity more noticeable and easier to progress. Even on YouTube, trusting relationships with your audience must be very important.

YouTube operators are always watching broadcasters not only for violations but also for the attention/influence of YouTubers.

YouTubers, which are trusted by viewers, can be monetized by being viewed as profitable by both YouTube and companies that use YouTube. It is more likely to be a bar.

If you want to be a monetized YouTuber, it’s important to deliver videos that your audience trusts.

The power to organize ideas

In order to distribute videos on YouTube, it is also necessary to summarize ideas for what kind of content will be created.

As a YouTuber, anyone who is thinking about monetizing can even get over the wall they post almost every day.

At first, I think you often don’t get ideas about what kind of video to make. At that time, videos that comment on the hot topics that have become a hot topic in the world and videos on the gluttony challenge are also popular videos.

It is also popular to purchase a large number of sweets with bonuses and distribute the results in a video. Attention is also being paid to videos that turn (charge) a lot of gacha which is common in smartphone games.

Videos of your pets are also very popular. Even if you haven’t been shooting for a long time, you’ll be able to easily distribute funny videos that happened suddenly, happening videos, and videos that edit your pet’s everyday life.

For women, beauty videos, especially videos on how to use makeup tools, are also attracting attention. It is necessary to prepare the mind and equipment to reveal the real face.

If you are good at cooking, there is also a video introducing how to make a recipe. There are many male and female YouTubers.

When you start YouTuber, I think it will be easier for you to create a video that you can easily create and distribute more frequently by organizing your ideas about what kind of video you want to distribute.


What equipment should I prepare to distribute videos on YouTube? Do you need expensive digital cameras? Do you need a handy camera for professional use?

In order to distribute videos on YouTube, you can also distribute with just a smartphone.

In recent smartphones, there are many smartphones that can record videos with high quality, so videos using smartphones are also distributed on YouTube because of the advantages of high image quality and the advantage of easy shooting.

However, when distributing videos on a smartphone, you need to be aware of the camera shake. Just shaking can make your videos less complete, harder to watch, and less likely to increase views.

Smartphones can also be distributed on YouTube, but there are limitations to the recording capabilities of smartphones depending on the content of the video to be distributed.

For example, if you want to deliver a live game of a smartphone game, the sound may be out of sync with the smartphone alone, or the gameplay itself may not be satisfactory, resulting in a video with low perfection.

If you want to deliver beautiful videos with higher image quality than smartphones on YouTube, we recommend that you purchase equipment such as a video camera.

Apart from video camera equipment, you need a personal computer to edit videos, and you also need video editing software.

You do not need a video camera to distribute the live video of the game, but you will also need a capture board to connect to a personal computer and distribution software to distribute the play video to YouTube.

If you want to deliver stable and beautiful videos, we recommend purchasing equipment such as a video camera.

In order to get started with YouTubers, you need to have an idea of ​​what kind of video you want to distribute and prepare the equipment.

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How to become a YouTuber

YouTube, which distributes videos on YouTube, is a popular occupation that ranks among the top 10 occupations that elementary school students want to become.

Nowadays, videos of small children playing with toys and videos that explain how to use toys in a fun way have attracted attention, and some YouTubers have earned profits.

What are the benefits of working with YouTubers?

You can do whatever you want

youtube on smartphone

The biggest benefit of a YouTuber’s job is that you can make money by continuing to do what you like.

YouTube videos, including game videos, pet videos, make-up videos, and videos featuring the latest trends, maximize their “likes”.

I think many viewers will find the viewers more attractive those who keep delivering what they love and what they enjoy. There are many such attractive people on YouTube, so you may be selected as a popular occupation.

Be a celebrity

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On YouTube, a single video can quickly become noticeable and become a nightly favorite. That is another attractive advantage.

When I distributed a song that I wrote my own song or sang an artist’s song, it became a popular video with a great reaction. When I delivered my own animation, it was evaluated and became a popular video.

Where you can’t predict what will trigger you, one day you can become a YouTuber that attracts the attention of many people.

How to become a YouTuber ~ Risk ~

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Isn’t there a lot of merits that you can become a popular YouTuber and become famous by just distributing your favorite videos, and you can make money?

With a smartphone alone, can you start with simple preparations without any other expensive equipment! How to become a YouTuber is easy!

I, and believes the work of easy user tuber, so that the fall in big pitfall is careful so.

If you want to stream YouTube videos to gain popularity and monetize YouTube, keep in mind that there are risks.

The following are the risks that you need to minimize in order to become a YouTuber.

Only a handful can succeed

youtube on smartphone

It is a job of a YouTuber that has the merit that you can do whatever you like, but the risks are inherent.

Anyone starting to work as a YouTuber from now on should be aware that this is a second decoction.

For example, live game distribution is a very popular category. It’s a tough road to monetize your game videos and get your business back.

There are so many YouTubers in the game live video on YouTube. You need to have the skills to play your own games, how distribute videos frequently, and the skills to edit your videos to see how interesting and interesting your audience is.

youtube on smartphone

The YouTube bar, which was introduced earlier and distributes videos that children explain while playing with toys, has become a popular YouTube bar as a result of continuing to update until the number of fans increases and attracts attention.

If you are starting a YouTuber from now on, understand that you will start taking risks from the beginning, and instead of trying to make YouTuber your main business from the beginning, continue to deliver videos that you enjoy as a side job or hobby I think that is important.

Takes time to earn

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Even if you distribute a video to YouTube and start working as a YouTuber, you will not be able to make money immediately.

I’ll show you how to earn money on YouTube later, but not all videos you distribute will be able to make money in the future, as one video has gained attention.

You don’t make money by delivering dozens of videos. Y of making money on youtube, considerable patience is necessary because it is not that simple, to become a user tuber, such as earning money on YouTube, let’s remember that there is a time-consuming risk.

Maybe slanderous

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One of the risks of YouTubers, which distribute videos on YouTube, is the need for mental preparation, which is “slandering.”

The more attention and popularity of YouTubers, the more often they are slandered. Only good fans can support you, but there are always viewers who make malicious comments.

It’s a slander that I always take negatively, but it’s also that I’ve become a YouTuber that I see as many people as I can.

Keep in mind that unsolicited comments are always at risk. Even if you’re slanderous, it’s important to value the viewers who support you and keep delivering your videos.

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How to Become a YouTuber

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Whether you’re starting a YouTuber by delivering a video to YouTube or you’re already starting a YouTuber, your fans and viewers will be important to earning money on YouTube.

Repeatedly disappointing fans who are fans can reduce your audience and make no money.

If you do too much harm, you will need to be aware that YouTube will be at risk of account suspension in the worst case, so even monetizing YouTubers will be eligible.

Let’s introduce what kind of action is not allowed.

Betray trust

youtube on smartphone

There are many occupations that can only be achieved with fans, not just YouTubersViewers and fans are especially important for YouTubers to make money.

When YouTubers betray their audiences and fans and lose credibility, they naturally lose their fans and their revenues.

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep growing your fans, even if you’re delivering too many presents to get more viewers and fans, or if you’re temporarily seeing more views.

Viewers and fans are also seeing the fun of videos and the human nature of YouTubers.

Some YouTubers have gained popularity because of their gift-giving approach, but I think it could catch viewers who value the content of the video.

Catch with money and things

youtube on smartphone

There are YouTubers who try to attract viewers in the way of catching money and things in the way of the attention-grabbing YouTuber (YouTuber).

In the past, YouTube videos that featured with a lot of money have attracted attention. Later, the YouTuber delivered a message to the viewers that they wanted to help them because they had a plan, and the viewers were criticized as saying, “Why do you need help when you have the money?”

If you’re rich and earn a lot of money, becoming a popular YouTuber in a way that detracts from your audience is a way to make you feel bad even if you’re not a fan.

youtube on smartphone

I think it’s difficult to increase the number of viewers and fans if you only make interesting videos.

Even if you want to show your viewers what they enjoy, there are many YouTubers who put the first thing on your audience to be loved by them.

lie (Fake Videos)

youtube on smartphone

Regardless of YouTuber, you should avoid lying as a person, but don’t lie about your background, especially if you’re broadcasting on YouTube.

YouTube doesn’t know who’s watching.

If you’re broadcasting your video on YouTube, it may be seen by someone who knows your real name or location.

Even if you lie to increase your audience, you are likely to be told the truth and lose the trust of the viewer, so any act of lying and engaging the viewer should be at risk of losing trust.

How to become a YouTuber ~ Preparation ~

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In order to become a YouTuber (YouTuber), we introduced the necessary equipment, the benefits of YouTuber, and the risks in distribution.

From now on, if you’re into YouTube for your main business, or if you’re hoping to be a side business as a hobby, here’s how to become a YouTuber that will start distributing videos on YouTube. You.

This time, I will introduce the preparation for registering YouTubers on YouTube different from the equipment preparation.

Get Google Account

youtube on smartphone

You need to register for YouTube as well as what you need to do to become a YouTuber. To register for YouTube, you need to register a Google account.

If you just watch YouTube videos, you can watch without a Google account.

However, registering for a Google account will allow you to rate and subscribe to videos, as well as report favorites and videos with inappropriate content.

If you do not have a Google account, create a Google account as it is a necessary registration to start broadcasting videos on YouTube.

YouTube channel settings

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Once you have registered for a Google account, keep logging in to Google and then log in on the YouTube site to register your channel settings.

When you can log in with YouTube, click on your icon to open the menu screen. Click “My Channel” in the menu.

youtube channel

When you click “My Channel”, a screen like an image below is displayed. Click “Create Channel” to complete the channel settings registration.

After registering the channel settings, your channel is completed and the top page of your channel is displayed.

By default, your account name will be the name of your channel, so if you want to change it, you can register your new brand channel name and register the desired channel name.

Channel branding

youtube on smartphone

Before you subscribe to YouTube and start broadcasting, you need to prepare one more thing.

That’s “channel branding”.

Branding is a way to increase the number of subscribers and make your channel look “individual” so that it can be seen by more people.

Once you’ve subscribed to your channel settings, make sure to edit your branding layout and prepare it for distribution.

The image below shows the screen for branding your channel.

youtube channel

You can attach your own profile picture to ①. The image set in your Google account will be reflected.

For ②, put the “header image” on Twitter. Make your channel look like goodwill, so don’t leave it at the default settings, but set up illustrations and photos that will remember your visitors.

It ’s a good idea to set your channel branding well, as it can increase your subscriber base and help others remember it.

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How YouTube Becomes-Shooting / Editing Videos-

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You’re done subscribing to YouTube, finished editing your branding, knowing the benefits and risks, and you’re ready to become a YouTuber, but depending on how you shoot, you can stream videos more efficiently You can create an environment that is easy to do.

Introducing how to shoot YouTube videos, including how to shoot popular videos on YouTube.

How to shoot popular videos

youtube on smartphone

Popular methods of shooting on YouTube include a method of shooting with a smartphone that is easy to shoot and a method of using equipment such as a video camera for those who want to make beautiful videos.

In order to shoot videos to be distributed to YouTube, we will introduce shooting methods using smartphones and equipment.

How to shoot with a smartphone

youtube on smartphone

When shooting videos with a smartphone, shoot with the smartphone in landscape orientation. Be aware that vertical videos are not suitable for YouTube because they are hard to see and look bad.

The position of the microphone differs depending on the smartphone device, but you need to be careful not to press the microphone with your finger when shooting.

Because smartphones are so easy, many people would like to take pictures of the scenery or shops on the go, but if possible, try not to show anyone other than yourself. Some people don’t want to be shown in the video, so don’t show anyone else without your permission.

One important thing to keep in mind when shooting with a smartphone is a camera shake. Even if you create a beautiful video, it’s difficult to get your viewers interested in a video that’s full of camera shakes.

youtube on smartphone

Shooting videos with a smartphone consumes a lot of data storage space. When shooting, stop recording as much as possible in areas that are not related to the video to be delivered, and resume shooting when necessary, so that shooting can be prevented from being interrupted in the middle.

By knowing in advance the capacity of the smartphone you use for shooting, you can calculate how much more time you can shoot.

Carry a mobile battery when you plan to shoot for a long time with your smartphone. If you run out of charge while you’re taking a picture, the time you’ve been preparing may be a waste of time.

How to shoot with equipment

youtube on smartphone

Many popular YouTubers buy more equipment than smartphones and shoot beautiful videos.

Most recent camcorders have high image quality and have image stabilization, so if you want to deliver what you want as a YouTuber, a camcorder is recommended.

The advantage of a video camera is that even beginners can easily shoot beautiful images.

If you want to shoot more beautiful images or special videos, there is a shooting method using “An DSLR camera”. Single-lens reflex cameras have the risk that the image stabilization function is weak, so it is recommended for those who have knowledge of the camera and are accustomed to handling the camera.

How to edit videos

youtube on smartphone

The next important task after the video you’ve shot is “video editing.”

It is very difficult for those who edit videos for the first time, but there is editing software that can be used even for people who have no editing experience.

In addition, we will introduce recommended distribution software (editing software) for those who aim to become YouTubers that distribute live video gameplay.

Recommended video editing software

The above image editing software is software that can be easily edited by beginners though it is charged.

Not only is it easy to use even for beginners, but it is also high-performance editing software that has almost all the functions required for video editing, so you do not need to prepare for another editing.

If you’re using a Mac, iPhone, or iPad to distribute your videos, we also recommend Apple’s video editing app, iMovie.

This app is free, but there are many features that you don’t think are free, such as video clipping and text input. If you want to use it as a starting point and want to edit more, you can buy paid software.

The distribution software is an important software for displaying the play video of your game to the viewer. In addition to the video distribution function, it also has a recording function and a rich editing function at the same time as distribution.

Although it is high-performance software, it can be used free of charge, so you can feel free to try it.

Recommended video editing computer

youtube on smartphone

To distribute videos on YouTubers, a computer is required. Some people just need the function of a smartphone, but using a personal computer will increase the range of video editing.

personal computer is so important that you need a personal computer to play a live game.

However, personal computers are not so easy to buy and are expensive to replace. Recently, PCs that support 4k video have been sold, but they are still not the amount that can be easily accessed.

Editing a movie depends greatly on the performance of the computer’s CPU. Therefore, it is necessary to select a high-performance CPU (Core i7 ~) for the personal computer. A memory capacity of 8GB or more is recommended.

Most computers have monitor screens sold separately, so it is quite expensive to prepare a computer from the beginning, so it is important to collect more information beforehand.

How YouTube Becomes-Uploading Videos-

youtube on smartphone

Now that the video for distribution to YouTube is complete, how do you distribute the video to YouTube after it is ready to be distributed?

Here’s how to upload a YouTube video.

Upload method

youtube on smartphone

There are two ways to upload videos on YouTube: updating previously shot videos and edited videos and performing live distribution (live broadcasting).

This section introduces how to upload videos prepared in advance for smartphones and computers.

Upload with Smartphone

Start the smartphone version of the YouTube app and display the home screen. Tap the video camera icon in the red circle at the top right of the home screen.

When you tap, the selection screen of “video” and “live distribution” will be displayed. This time, tap “video”.

After tapping, select the video you want to upload, and the upload is completed.

Upload on PC

Click the video camera icon at the top right of the YouTube home screen to distribute videos on your computer. After clicking, click “Upload Video”.

The selection screen of the video you want to upload is displayed. Select the video you want to distribute and publish it, and the video will be distributed.

Video information settings

youtube on smartphone

Before uploading a video, set the video title and information. This setting is important to get stuck in search rankings and get more views, so you need to think carefully.

It’s important that your video titles include keywords that are relevant to the content of the video, and that they also use keywords that can be caught by search queries.

Does anyone read the video captions? As you might think, viewers read the third line of the description well. It’s not good because it’s a long text, but make sure that your viewers are reading the description as well.

We recommend that you tag related keywords (tags) that really relate to the video.

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How YouTube Becomes-Monetization of Videos-

youtube on smartphone

Anyone who wants to become a YouTuber, how do you make money on YouTube that everyone cares about once? What are the ways to earn money and just increase the number of views?

Learn how to become a YouTuber and how to monetize it.

Monetization settings

youtube on smartphone

YouTube is a system where a company ad is displayed on a video that you have distributed, and rewards are paid for fulfilling conditions such as being played or clicked.

However, there are some conditions for displaying ads, so we will introduce them later.

First, make settings so that you can receive advertising rewards. Open your YouTube screen, click your icon at the top right of the screen, and click “Creator Tool”.

Click “Creator Tool”, click “Channels” from the menu on the left side of the screen, and click “Status and Functions”, a screen like an image above will be displayed.

The setting is completed when you enable the item of “revenue sharing” in the red frame.

Another way to earn money is the “super chat” function that can be performed by live broadcasting. This is a so-called money change function, in which the viewer gives money directly.

How to meet monetization requirements

youtube on smartphone

Even if you distribute several videos and the number of views exceeds 100, 500, or 1000, you will not generate any revenue. In addition, it does not mean that you can earn income because you distributed a lot.

In order to earn money on YouTube, you must meet a number of conditions. Conditions became even more stringent in January 2018.

  • More than 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months
  • More than 1,000 subscribers

By clearing these conditions, a review will be conducted to determine whether or not the site is in compliance with the Community Guidelines.

You can monetize for the first time by passing the review. You will be able to see your high school in your videos and have a super chat.

youtube on smartphone

Beyond these conditions, it’s only natural that videos that violate copyright or that contain violent or sexually explicit material will not be considered.

It is important to understand the community guidelines in advance.

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How to become a YouTuber-spread the channel-

youtube on smartphone

It turns out that in order to make money, you have to meet strict conditions. It’s hard to increase watch time, but the hurdle for 1,000 subscribers is quite high.

Next, I’ll show you how to become a YouTuber and how to spread your channel.

How to increase video views

youtube on smartphone

One way to increase the number of views watched in the way you become a popular YouTuber is to insert an “end card” at the end of your broadcast.

An end card can be inserted at the very end of a video to guide you to other videos that have been broadcast to your channel. When the video to which the user is guided is played, this will increase the playback time.

Most YouTubers use this method of end card, so let’s use it.

How to grow your subscribers

youtubeon smartphone

Increasing the number of subscribers on your own can also help with the end card.

The other way is to display a “logo” that guides you to your channel in your video with a watermark.

You can set this logo to appear in your videos by editing your branding, so make sure to use it to increase your subscriber base.

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How to become a virtual YouTuber

Currently, “Virtual YouTubers” is gradually gaining attention on YouTube.

I think there are many people who want to distribute videos, but don’t want to show their faces, and don’t like the voice. When is a virtual user tuber, the voice can also be varied in a clean cute-made character that is very attractive?

With face recognition and motion capture, you can read the actual facial expressions and hand movements of a person, transform them into characters, and apply them to videos in real-time.

Finally, let’s take a look at how virtual YouTubers become the subject.

What you need for a Virtual YouTuber

youtubeon smartphone

YouTubers who have high-spec personal computers can distribute advanced virtual YouTubers using equipment such as VR headsets. However, the cost is about 2,000 Dollars, so the risk of cost is great.

And if you use VR, you may need programming knowledge, so buying a VR doesn’t mean you can be a virtual YouTuber right away.

Although the risk is great, there is also the merit that the character has a high degree of freedom, so you can create your favorite character. By purchasing the necessary tools to

become a virtual YouTuber, you can become a YouTuber on a computer with a web camera alone.

How to get started with Virtual YouTube on your smartphone

youtube on smartphone

If you’re interested in Virtual YouTubers, but don’t have the time or knowledge to create a character from scratch, don’t have a high-spec personal computer, but want to distribute Virtual YouTubers, why not use a smartphone? You can become a virtual YouTuber for free on your smartphone.

Many other smartphone apps are also being distributed to become Virtual YouTubers. It’s easy to try out what Virtual YouTuber is like.


How was it?

This time, I introduced how to become a YouTuber.

Although you can gain popularity and gain income by doing what you like, YouTube bars have the benefit of earning you money, but you will have to take some risks to get started.

Remember, too, that the conditions for earning income have become more stringent since 2018.

If you are aiming to become a YouTuber from now on, without being overly obsessed with your income, I think that those who feel like doing it as a side job or hobby will be able to continue to enjoy and distribute.

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