How to Change the Handle name without Changing the Twitter Account

The easiest way to change your Twitter handle name is to create a new account. However, if you create a new account, you will start from scratch and lose your followers. so the handle name without changing the Twitter account is best if anybody wants.

If your business runs Twitter as part of your business, not to mention individual users, you want to keep the current state and change only the handle.

There is an article on the American Express OPEN Forum that teaches you how to do this, “How To Change Your Twitter Handle.

If you want to change just the handle, first access your account settings from the Twitter home page. If you change the “user name” from the “user information” tab, the handle name will change. You can also change your email address on this page.

Twitter Profile Picture

I want to change the photo, background, etc. according to the handle name change. On the “Profile” tab, you can change your photo, name, website URL, self-introduction, and more. The background can be changed on the Design tab.

The article advises that in order to prevent existing followers from leaving, in the “Introduction” field, write “Changed handle name” or “Continue accepting direct messages with new handle name”. ing.

By reading this far, some people may say, “I have no reason to change the handle,” or “I don’t know when to change it.” As an example, the article introduces a financial journalist and a fashion startup.

To publish his book, the journalist also branded Twitter, which has many followers. Therefore, he changed the handle to a name that took part of the title. It took about a month for the new handle name to be recognized, but after that, the self-authorship gained recognition and sales increased, and followers from the first person who knew the author increased followers.

As an example of a company, a story about a fashion startup called Have to Have is introduced. Have to Have is the new name after the company name change, but also announced the company name change on channels such as Twitter and Facebook. The name change is risky, and co-founder Carla Holtze recalled, “It was a difficult decision.” However, the company’s branding has changed to a name that fits its concept, resulting in more Twitter followers and better feedback.

Even if it looks like a tedious task, changing the handle name can be effective, so please refer to it for marketing and branding.

* This article is the information at the time of publication and may differ from the latest one. Please note.

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