How to change your Username (@ID) on Instagram

This section describes how to change your user name (@ID) on Instagram and how to note it. The first setting on Instagram is the basic settings such as “Profile description”, “Name” and “User name”. If your company uses it for marketing, it’s important to set up words that are easy for users to find and convey your company’s characteristics. However, there may be situations where you will need to change it after registration. You can change your name and profile description at any time. Do you know how to change your username? On Instagram, you can change your user name in the middle, so I will show you how to do so.

What is a “user name”? Difference between “name”

The username is the string that follows @. The login ID required together with the password when logging in to Instagram is called “username” in Instagram.

Usernames are often mistaken for Instagram names, but both are important parts of account personality. The name is the personal name or company name used as the signboard of the account, and there is no problem even if the name is the same as other users. Conversely, the username is the ID required for login, so it is NG to suffer from other users. However, consider the search by username, let’s set something that shows the personality of the account owner.

For example, in the case of Starbucks, the main account is called “Starbucks” and the Japanese version account is called “starbucks_j”. If your company has multiple accounts, it’s a good idea to use a distinctive and distinctive username like Starbucks that captures the characteristics of your company.

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How to change your username (@ID) on Instagram:

Here is how to change your username. This is often not possible on other platforms, but it’s relatively easy to change on Instagram.

Introducing how to set from the Instagram app. First, open the app and tap the profile image at the bottom right to go to the profile screen. From there, tap the gear symbol on the top right of the profile screen to go to the settings screen.

After moving to the setting screen, select “Edit Profile” from the “Account” item.

When you go to profile editing, you will be taken to a screen where you can change your username and self-introduction. If you want to change your username, please enter your favorite alphanumeric characters in the second item from the top. When you have completed the entry, tap “OK” at the top right.
The username cannot use the same string, so if someone else is using it, you will see a note that “someone is already using this username.” In that case, enter a different string and try again until the user name is not used by another user. For a username that is expected to be used by other users in advance, it is better to enter the user name you want to set on the Instagram search screen and confirm that the other user has not obtained an ID it’s recommended.

To change the user name on a computer, click the gear mark in the same way. First, select “Change Password” to enter the settings screen, and from “Edit Profile” you can change your username in the same steps as on your smartphone.

Precautions when changing the user name


As I introduced, changing your username on Instagram is surprisingly easy. However, when changing your username, be careful not to confuse your followers when you change your username.

Even if the username is changed, the user name described in the content created so far remains the same. This means that content created by your followers by tagging with your corporate username will retain your old username. So if you have been working with the same username for a long time, there should be a lot of content tagged with that username. If you have a lot of consumers coming from your tagged content, consider changing your username carefully.

If you change the user name further, the old user name becomes empty and can be used by other users. Other users may tag it as a corporate account, or in the worst case, impersonate it. Notify your followers as soon as you change your username.


Instagram allows you to change your username in a few simple steps. However, after the change, the content already tagged with the user name will not be changed, and the old user name will be empty and available for other users. To avoid confusion when you change your username, let your followers know that your username has changed.
If you want to change your user name after changing your company name, please try it out by referring to this introduction.

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