How to check Direct Message Function (DM) on Instagram on PC

Can I use the direct message function on PC?? With the development of IT technologies such as smartphones and personal computers, SNS is now a communication tool used by many people.
This has led to some movements to use SNS as part of corporate marketing activities.

Among them, Instagram, an SNS that can send short messages with beautiful pictures, is a tool that is widely used.
Here, we will explain what you can do with the PC version of Instagram and how to use the direct message function on the PC.

Instagram communication tool! Direct Message Function:

Instagram is a type of SNS that can be used on devices such as smartphones and is a communication tool that allows users to capture and process images and short videos, post them, and share them between users.
instagram is a very useful communication tool and is basically open to the public when communicating between users.

Apart from this communication method, the direct message function (direct mail function) was born as a new Instagram communication function.
The message function is one of the various functions in Instagram and allows you to exchange personal messages between specific Instagram users.
It is also called direct mail because it sends a direct message(DM) to a specific person.

Instagram allows you to comment on user posts and communicate with them, but these are open to all users, so you can speak to specific people or keep confidentiality I couldn’t make a statement.
The direct message function can solve these.

With the message function, you can specify only one person to send a message to, or you can specify multiple people.
For this reason, you can interact with specific individuals, but you can chat with a group of multiple people, so you can enjoy message exchange and chat like chat online like on Instagram.
The messaging feature allows you to interact with specific users, but that is done with your Instagram account.

For this reason, it is a useful function in that you can exchange information between individuals without having to worry about passing personal information such as e-mail addresses to users who have just met.
Conversely, you can send messages to people who are connected on Instagram without knowing your contacts, which will deepen your relationships.
The messaging feature is also very useful in corporate marketing. Let’s say you have an Instagram campaign and a gift plan.

Then, it is difficult for many people to participate and follow and grasp each one.
When announcing the winners, the information about the winners must be disclosed to many people, which may be reluctant to participate.

However, if there is a message function, the winner can be notified from the account without the participants following.
In addition, it is convenient because the offer to the influencer user can be easily made using the message function.

Let’s swell together! What can be sent with the direct message function?

Direct message function on instagram

The message function is a function that allows you to use your Instagram account to send messages to people you do not follow.
The message function is not just a function to send a message between designated individuals or multiple people.

There are various functions and there are many things that can be sent, so if you make good use of it, you can do rich communication and marketing.
What you can send with the message function can include feed posts, profiles, hashtags, etc., in addition to images and videos.
Since you can freely paste videos and images newly shot or uploaded from the library, it is convenient when you want to send a photo that can not be published on Instagram as a whole to a specific party.

If you want to tell the other person the information displayed on the feed (home) screen and the hashtags you use frequently, you can easily send it.
You can get more intimate by sending your profile to others.

You can also fine-tune the settings for images and videos, and send story-style posts and live videos.
It can be set to disappear after a certain time, so you can send direct messages (DM) with confidence.

The message function of Instagram is only for smartphones!

Instagram itself can be used not only on smartphones but also on various terminals such as tablets and PCs.
If you only post and follow images and videos, you don’t have to choose a device.

However, please note that if you want to use all the various functions in Instagram, the terminal may be limited.
Unfortunately, the direct message function of Instagram is a function that can only be used with smartphones.

The message function cannot be used as of July 2018 in the web version of Instagram used from the PC.
In the first place, even the mark for using the message function is not displayed in the Web version.
This is done with the inspiration of the Instagram founder, so it will not be possible to use it on the web version unless the idea changes.

How to use Direct Message Function on Windows 10 PC?

Direct message function on instagram

The message function is basically only for smartphones and cannot be used on PC.
However, if you use the Windows 10 version of the Instagram app, you can use the message function on your PC.

If you can see the image on your PC, you can see it more beautifully because of the resolution, so it is a nice feature for users who like photos.
By the way, the Windows version of the app can be installed from the Microsoft Store.

Please note that you can use the direct message function on a PC only with Windows 10 and not on other PCs such as Mac.
The usage of the message function in the PC version is not much different from smartphones. You can use it by clicking the airplane mark in the upper right of the screen.

If you don’t have Windows 10, the message is on your smartphone

Instagram, an SNS that allows you to communicate with people by posting beautiful photos and videos, is very popular.
Instagram has various functions, one of which is a direct message function.

With the message function, you can send messages from your account, so you can enjoy chatting with individuals or multiple people like LINE or chatting without worrying about passing personal information.
Instagram can also post from pc, but this message function is not available. Only the Windows 10 version of the app is available.

If you can’t use Windows 10, you can only send messages from your smartphone.
Understand what functions are available from what devices and use Instagram properly.

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