Creating an effective Facebook page is very important for companies, and although the opening of this web space is a very simple operation from a technical point of view, the same cannot be said about its management.

A large number of companies that manage their Facebook page make really gross mistakes, and it is not at all unusual that questionable choices regarding communication within this Social have very negative repercussions from the point of view of the image.

But let’s go step by step, and let’s first try to understand what a Facebook page is.

What is a Facebook page and what it is used for?

The Facebook page is an official space that a company can open within the famous Social of Mark Zuckerberg, a channel that can prove to be very useful not only from the point of view of visibility but also in regards communication and interaction with the navigator.

On many occasions, Facebook pages have replaced the company website, it is equally frequent for companies to use both tools: compared to the website, moreover, the Facebook page is a more interactive, more informal channel.

Within its Facebook page, the company has the opportunity to publish the most disparate content: images, videos, textual elements, links to external resources, and much more.

The potential of this tool is therefore enormous, and it is now really difficult for a company to disregard the management of a Facebook page, whether it is a very small company, for example, an individual company, or a much larger reality.

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How to create a Facebook page

As previously mentioned, the creation of a Facebook page is really very simple and intuitive operation.

The opening of a Facebook page can be done from a Facebook profile, or rather from a natural person who has a profile within the Social.

There are those who choose to activate a fictitious profile exclusively to be able to manage a page, but it is in any case a little useful operation since the personal profile of who manages the page is in no way displayed inside of the same.

In this regard, it is useful to make a clarification, less obvious than you might believe: opening a Facebook page is a very different thing than opening a profile, and it is really a bad idea to open a personal profile with the name of a company!

To open the Facebook page, all you have to do is click on “create page” from your home page, after which the process of creating the page will be guided in every step.

Why it is important to have a Facebook page

If you ask yourself why opening a Facebook page is important, there is no single answer: as previously mentioned, the Facebook page has now become a fundamental web space for all businesses.

The Facebook page is above all a visibility tool, it is a channel through which whoever manages the page can communicate directly and informally with users, at the same time it represents a precious business card of the company, a real index of seriousness and professionalism, obviously on condition that it is managed wisely.

There is also another reason why the opening of a Facebook page for your company is to be considered very important: by creating this particular webspace, in fact, it is indexed within the search engines, and this too contributes to the visibility and image of the company.

It is far from rare that those who surf the net “land” towards the company’s Facebook page after typing their name into Google, and this aspect, always considered with great attention by Web Marketing experts, must not be considered secondary.

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How to manage a Facebook page in an optimal way

The Facebook page is therefore an extraordinarily powerful tool as well as simple and free in its opening, at the same time, however, it requires great care in its management.

An improperly managed Facebook page can actually become a double-edged sword and can cause damage to the image and reputation which is not easy to remedy.

So what are the most important “rules” to best manage a Facebook page?

Answering this question is not easy since the topic is extremely vast, however, there are certainly general suggestions that deserve to be considered useful in all cases.

First of all, to accurately manage your corporate Facebook page, it is important to follow a style suitable for the sector in which the company operates: some areas require a highly technical language, and others instead allow you to set the page communication even in a more informal and youth.

The publication of a post, of whatever nature it may be, must never be casual: each publication must be able to arouse curiosity in readers, must be useful for informing about the products and services offered, about any news and promotions, and anything else it can be interesting.

A very frequent mistake is to publish in excessive quantities: in this way, the Facebook user who has left his “like” on the page could be annoyed by such frequent publications, and this is not positive.

Even the opposite extreme is to be avoided, ie creating “dormant” Facebook pages, therefore left inactive for a long time.

To better manage a successful Facebook page it is very important to interact with users, and this can rhyme with many different actions.

It can be very useful to respond to the comments that users leave in the various posts, be they images, videos, or more, especially if questions are asked about them.

Users can interact with a Facebook page also through a private message, therefore whoever manages the page must also be active from this point of view, also in consideration of the fact that the user who writes a private message is informed of the average response times of the page of interest.

Needless to say, to make the page credible you need a minimum number of fans (that is, I like it).

Waiting for the marketing activities to bear fruit, to create a minimum base of “likes” you can:

  1. Invite your friends to like via the function made available by Facebook itself
  2. Sponsor the page on Facebook for a fee
  3. Buy likes and real interactions on the internet for a few euros

All this will allow you to increase the credibility of your company page and attract more and more people to it.

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