How to delete a Facebook Page

Have you ever created a Facebook page only to no longer need it and do not know how to remove it? We’ll tell you how to delete your Facebook page.

The Facebook page is different from the profile. Your user profile represents you as an individual here you can chat with your friends and control the confidentiality of the information you share. Page – This is a public representation of a person, place, business, organization, or group that can appeal to other people on Facebook and subscribe to them.

Follow these steps to learn how to delete your Facebook page.

How to make sure you are a manager, you want to delete?

Only users who are assigned the role of administrator can delete a Facebook page. If you create a page, you are by default already an administrator. However, if you were not the one who created the page, you must obtain permission from another page owner to become a manager of its own.

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How to delete your Facebook page and wait for the permanent removal.

When you remove a Facebook page it is removed from Facebook for 14 days, after which you will be asked to confirm its permanent removal. Facebook supports this 14-day period, remove the pages in case you change your mind and want to restore them.

Once you confirm the deletion, a Facebook page cannot be restored.

Before you delete your page, first consider a few alternatives

Instead, cancel the page publication. The cancel publishing page makes it inaccessible to the public, including people who have liked this page. The only people who will still be able to see your page, are those who have a role.

Combine the page with the existing similar page. If you are the administrator of another page with the same name and representation, Facebook will allow you to combine it with the one you do not want to support.

Download a copy of the data on your page before removing it. Get the details of your page, so that you have a copy of all of your messages, photos, videos, and information about the page.

All of the above can be done on the tab page settings. Look for the section Visibility page to cancel the publication of the page, see Combine messages to combine it with the same page, and the section download page to download a copy of the page.

Here’s how to continue the process of removing

Go to the Settings menu, select Settings at the top of the page on, or by selecting Edit Page> Settings in the mobile app.

Scroll down the settings on the tab pages to the end, until you see the Delete page.

Select the Delete page (or click Edit next to it).

Select “Save changes” in the popup window to delete the page.

Select the General tab on the settings page and scroll down to Remove Page.

Select “Delete all” of the page name, and then click the blue button Delete page on the next tab to send it to a remote location.

If you decide to delete this page, you can go to the page and select Undo Delete on or select Scheduled for removal in X days in the application for a 14-day period in order to restore it.

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