How to Delete or Cancel Spotify Account

How to delete/cancel and unsubscribe from Spotify Premium (paid plan). What happens after cancellation?

For those who want to cancel the Spotify paid plan (including the 3-month trial plan) and change to the free plan, or to cancel the account and delete the account from all Spotify plans, cancel the Spotify Premium (paid plan) and delete the account from Spotify Explains two methods of deleting.

Difference between premium (paid plan) and free (free plan)

This time, if you have signed up for a Spotify premium plan but can enjoy it with a free plan, you can cancel your Spotify premium (paid plan), and if you have registered for Spotify but don’t use it so much, you want to unsubscribe. I would like to change to another flat-rate music distribution service.]

If you cancel the paid plan “Spotify Premium”, you will move to the free plan “Spotify Free”. Before canceling the premium, explain the difference from the free plan.

Paid Plan:

Price980 yen/month
(100 yen for 3 months immediately after registration)
Playback methodCan play your favorite songs
also possible playback of the order as
Shuffle play only
Audio adsNoneYes
Sound qualityThe highest sound quality can be selectedYou can only choose high sound quality
Offline playbackPossibleImpossible

The major difference between the premiums is
that you can listen to your favorite music in any order as well as shuffle play. There are four points: no restrictions on skipping, no
ads during playback
, listening to “highest sound quality”,
and downloading songs that can be played offline

Premium allows you to listen to music by specifying the music more finely and without ads, so you can enjoy music without stress. In addition, you can listen to music without worrying about the communication volume even without a WiFi environment because it has a download function and an offline playback function. Only premium can reproduce high-quality sound. If you want to stick to the sound quality, we recommend that you continue.

How to cancel and unsubscribe from Spotify Premium (paid plan)

Then, I will explain the cancellation procedure of the paid plan “Spotify Premium”.

Points to note before canceling the paid plan “Spotify Premium”

(1) After canceling “Spotify Premium”, transfer to the free plan “Spotify Free”. This does not delete your account.
(2) “Spotify Premium” will not be canceled even if you delete the Spotify app. Be sure to follow the cancellation procedure described below.
(3) Cancellation procedure of “Spotify Premium” cannot be operated from the Spotify app. Please prepare an Internet environment.

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Cancellation procedure of premium (paid plan)

First, log in to Spotify.

Click on the toolbar at the top right when operating from a smartphone, or click on “Profile” displayed at the top right when operating from a PC and select “Account”.

Select “Check rate plan” to operate from a smartphone, and click “Subscription” to operate from a PC.

“Change or Cancel”.

Click Cancel Premium.

Click “Yes, cancel”.

After the end of the remaining premium period, move to the free plan “Spotify Free”. You can check the date to return to the free plan in your account information.

Also, if you think “Premium Plan was better”, you can upgrade to “Spotify Premium” again.

DIGLE MAGAZINE also introduces how to use the free plan “Spotify Free”. Please check it out if you want to enjoy the free Free Plan.

How to Delete Spotify Account

Here’s how to delete your account because you no longer use Spotify.

Notes before deleting Spotify account

(1) Once you delete your account, you will not be able to re-register with the same email address.
(2) User names cannot be reused in Spotify.
(3) You cannot restore saved music, playlists, your own playlists, or followers.
(4) You cannot keep more than 50 million songs that you can enjoy for free.
(5) The account deletion procedure cannot be operated from the Spotify app. Please prepare an Internet environment.

Steps to delete Spotify account

First, go to Spotify Customer Support and click on “Account” from the menu.

Click “I want to close my account completely.”

Click “Close Account” to remove the account from Spotify.

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