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Whether you’re an individual or a business, many people are wondering how to increase followers on Instagram, regardless of size. This article has completely covered the method, so please take a look.

The need to Increase Followers on Instagram:

The number of users in the USA exceeds 112.5 million, and it is said that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the fastest-growing SMM right now. Accounts with a high number of followers among general users are called influencers, and their great influence plays a part in marketing. In addition, companies and stores have an account, which is used as a tool for introducing their products and attracting customers.

With the addition of a shopping function, it has become possible to secure a flow line directly connected to the EC site for posting. Recently, more and more young people are searching for places to buy or what to buy on Instagram, rather than searching with search engines such as Yahoo and Google. One of the reasons is that people searching on Instagram can collect real opinions and information from people close to you. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that those who control Instagram will control the USA market in the future. In this article, I will show you how to increase the followers indispensable to winning such Instagram.

Accounts to Increase Followers on Instagram

Determination of theme and worldview

Posting an image to Dark Clouds will not increase your followers.
When someone visits your profile, the content of each photo is also important, but it will determine whether or not to follow the whole post and the world view. First, decide on a theme, and then post according to that theme. It is important to make the theme of color, frame, subject, content, or any of the themes consistent.
If posts using the same system colors are posted, it will give a sense of unity.

Also, it is easy to overlook, but if you give the frame a sense of unity, it will be possible for people with similar posts to be sharpened and differentiated. Entertainer Tsubasa Honda ( @ tsubasa_0627official ) ‘s account always has a post with a white frame, so even the posts of models and entertainers tend to be the same, I can remember the stylish impression.

If the contents are the same and the frames are the same, a sense of unity will appear.

Of course, it is also important to give the content a sense of unity. If it is a company, “your product × ◯◯” would be an easy-to-understand theme.

If you want to increase the number of themes you want to post, you may want to split your account. The so-called book account of Instagram.

If you target “young,” “fashionable,” and “female,” which are common among Instagram users, themes such as fashion, art, travel, food, fitness, beauty, pets, and nature will be content that will increase followers.


Don’t introduce yourself by name unless you’re a celebrity. Briefly describe who you are, what interests you, and what posts you make. If you are a company or store, a link to your own site is mandatory. For personal accounts, attaching a reciprocal link to Twitter, YouTube, etc. will have a synergistic effect with your existing connected accounts.

First from yourself

If you’re just starting out on Instagram, you want to get more followers just like you.
First, actively follow and like people who have similar hobbies and interests.
You’ll be wondering who your followers and followers like your post and come to see your post.
Remember that SNS is a communication tool if you follow it. First, take action from you!

Increase followers on Instagram

Even if the theme and profile are decided, the quality of the photos you post will not be good if quality is low. The followers who have increased will also leave. Here are some tips for increasing your likes on Instagram so you don’t have to be like that.

Posting time and frequency

Did you go on a trip and post immediately because you got a nice photo?
Who do you want your posts to like and what followers do you want to get? If you do not anticipate the scenario of setting the target and following up, your post will be missed. In the marketing world, this targeting is called persona. As a concrete example, if you target “workers living in Japan” and post it late at night in Japan, the number of likes will not increase. Posting on the commuter train or after returning home from work to sleep will help you reach your followers without being buried in the timeline. Imagine when your followers open Instagram and stay where they are.


It’s no exaggeration to say that hashtags attached to posts are the most important to increasing followers.
Instagram is said to lack diffusion power compared to Twitter. Posts without a hashtag are rarely seen by anyone. Conversely, if you can use hashtags well, you will naturally increase followers. However, unless you are a celebrity, you should not use long hashtags like sentences or hashtags that are not related to posts! Firmly suppress popular hashtags and deliver them to your target.
Speaking of popular hashtags in Japanese

# Fashion # photography # coordinated # Tokyo # Corde # nail # Hair Tutorial # make # interior # model
in the global
#Love #Instagood #Photooftheday #Fashion #Beautiful #Happy #Cute #Tbt # Like4like #Followme
hashtags such as Popular.
However, the popularity of these hashtags is likely to be more visible, which means they are more competitive. Use large, medium, and small hashtags to keep them from being buried in many posts. For example, suppose you have posted a picture taken in a cafe. Hashtags of large categories #Cafe # cafe will be. However, this hashtag is a popular hashtag with over 11.33 million posts. This tag alone will be buried in many other posts. So, we went one step further in the narrow category of #Shibuya Cafe # Cat CafeUse hashtags for regional and store characteristics such as Finally, you can reach people who visited the store on the same day or fans of the store by hashing specific store names in small categories.


Many people think of the hashtags mentioned above on Instagram. However, here are some tags that do not use #. Hashtags are like categorizing, putting a # in the body of the post, but simply tagging is a link to another account on the post itself. If there are people around you who already have a certain number of followers, ask them to tag photos you went to play with. You will definitely be able to appeal to your followers.


No matter how much you attach a hashtag, you can’t increase your followers if the quality of the photo is poor. Be sure to edit photos taken with your smartphone.
There are a wide variety of apps for processing and editing photos, from those that can edit fancily to those with simple operability. Try using various apps to find one that works best for you.
You can also analyze your account by downloading the follower management app. More accurate analysis is charged, but you should use it to keep your followers from dropping out.

Ads to increase followers on Instagram

The contact person who runs an Instagram account at a company or store may be one of the ways to put up advertisements.

Ads in Instagram

There are four types of ads on Instagram: images, videos, carousels, and stories.
Image ads are the most standard ads and are posted on the timeline as regular square or rectangular images. It’s important that the photos are impressive and that you read the details in the post comments. Video ads are also posted on the timeline, but can convey more information for the video. It is suitable for advertising smartphone games and apps where operability and UI are important. Carousel ads that allow you to post more than one image at a time can scroll and switch between photos. It is suitable when there are multiple products, so it is effective when you want to introduce different items for each scene such as clothes, accessories, and shoes. Story ads are also good for introducing apps and the like, but stories are often used for campaigns, limited-time recruiting, and event announcements because they have a relatively high live feeling.
The billing criteria vary depending on the number of impressions, clicks, app installs, and video playback time. Set up ads that match your product characteristics, store size, and budget.

Ads outside Instagram

Advertising media is not only on Instagram. If it is a personal account, it is good to write the account name on the business card that you usually use, or to print something like a QR code called a name tag on the business card if you want to be smarter.

If you’re a store, just like a business card, put a card with your account information next to the cashier or table at the store and bring it home. As an ongoing fan, you can encourage them to come back by connecting with Instagram.

Spread with photo spot

It is said that Instagram has no diffusion power, but the flip side is that posts that are “talking about” or “seen frequently” on that Instagram can leave an impression. Such a photo spot is adjacent to Lemonade by Lemonica ‘s

A new Shibuya Stream store, and a linked Instagram campaign are being conducted.

Individuals are encouraged to post such Instagram-friendly spots because they are easy to understand and like. If you are a store, it would be expensive to make such a photo spot itself, but once you make it, you can expect continuous attracting customers. It is important that the elements common to photo spots are the colors and paint of the walls and signboards, the furniture and items that are placed, and the scenery that can be seen from them. If it is difficult to create a spot, if the color and size of the dishes and products offered there are unique, it will be recognized as an Instagramable spot.

Tips to increase followers on Instagram

Management tools

In particular, corporate staff are encouraged to use more accurate analytics tools to increase Instagram followers.
Free analysis tool “domestic 5000 or more companies will use PONY (pony) “
influence based on more than 50 indicators and potential influence, growth potential, operational capabilities,s, and diffusion force and analyzes deviation valued.

” Iceta ” is
Japan’s first Instagram professional analysis tool that can analyze the overall account trends and post analysis. The regular version costs 1,000 yen / month, while the premium version costs 300,000 yen / month.
There are tools that you can try for free, so try them once.

Ask for an operation agency

If you use an analysis tool and do not know what hashtag to attach, or if you are a staff member who has a problem that your followers do not increase, you may want to ask an operation agency. If Facebooklikes. co specialists operate according to the PDCA cycle, they will surely grow their followers. The disadvantage is the amount. Depending on the plan, when outsourcing operations, on average, it seems that there are at least 200,000 yen/month or more.

Buy followers

This is the way to get followers quickly. At first glance, it feels like a slap, but it’s a strategy that celebrities and major companies are also using. Accounts with more followers and fewer followers for similar posts will increase confidence and lead to continued follower growth thereafter. One thing to keep in mind is to use a business with a real account.

Professionals certified by the Expert Association support ” “
, a site that proposes ways to increase followers using secure and realistic accounts. It is the cheapest and can be purchased for under 10 dollars.

How was that? I hope that it will help your Facebooklikes. co-operation even a little.

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