How To Measure Instagram Success?

Instagram keeping and stats can be daunting since social media is all about numbers. Top Instagrammers have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and, as a rule, the “tops” have a blue account confirmation badge. Each of their posts is gaining hundreds of comments, and the broadcasts simply tear up the air of Instagram.

These Instagrammers are successful, but let’s say you are successful too. Let not so great, but achieved.

Followers and much more, of course, refer to the indicators of success on Instagram, but these are far from all significant indicators. And if so, what exactly is Instagram’s success?


User Engagement

User engagement is an important indicator of Instagram’s success. But my point is not how important engagement itself is. It’s about getting the engagement that really matters.

What are we talking about? The sincerely given likes matter. And accounts that like everything in a row, without engagement or subscriptions, mean nothing.

I would prefer to have a hundred subscribers who watch my broadcasts on Instagram, instead of thousands of “dead souls” who even overlook them. It doesn’t matter how many people are watching your live stream if they leave it quickly without looking at it or getting it right.

Who subscribed to you (not how many subscribers)

What matters is not the number of subscribers, but who follows you. If you run an Instagram that represents a business or brand, then you would like to have subscribers who are interested in your “message” or who will buy your goods or services.

It’s easy to give up if your self-development Instagram has only two thousand subscribers, while two million users follow another self-development brand. But have you ever wondered who your followers are?

Look at the list of subscribers, look at their profiles. Most likely, you will find ordinary people there who live their lives, post the covers of books on self-development, and the like. You can also find self-help Instagram who likes your content among them. If so, you’re doing great.

If you only have spam accounts that have never liked you or other self-development brands that have subscribed to you counting on a reciprocal subscription, then your Instagram can hardly be considered successful.  The only thing that matters is the subscribers who care, who take your content to heart and even bookmark it. That’s what matters.

The influence you have

On Instagram, opinion leaders have several million subscribers, but this does not mean that “leaders” in any way influence their life or make them better. You may have only twenty subscribers, but you are making a difference in the life of each of them. This matters more than the number of subscribers.

Do not forget about the impact you have on people’s lives, because the reason why they are with you always comes first. Concentrate on making an impact on the lives of the followers you have, and by doing so, you will see your followers grow.

The quality of comments (not their quantity)

Imagine that you decide to read the comments on a post on Instagram and find that in six cases out of ten, comments consist of one word or, even worse, an emoji. Suddenly, the fact that a post has as many as ten comments no longer matters because more than half of them are fake comments.

I know that you have already understood my idea, but I will still express myself to the end. The number of comments is not as important as their quality.  You may have four or five comments per post, but what does that say?

If these are sincere comments, if the person really cared about what they had to say, then you won. Yes, ten comments look better, but what difference does it make if your post doesn’t help, motivate, or inspire anyone? This is the whole point – quality is more important.

How people interact with you outside of Instagram

The reason you started Instagram is to promote your brand or business. You would like people to read your articles, watch your YouTube videos, or shop at your store. Yes, having a people of followers on Instagram is cool, but if you don’t wait for the actions you hoped for from them, you will inevitably think: And why, in general, did I create an account on Instagram?


You give advice on self-development, or in the field of fashion, or post photos of your products, but what if no one makes purchases as a result of your Instagram ads or is not going to delve into what you do?  For subscribers, your value starts with Instagram; but one must also show them that it continues outside of him.

In many ways, success on Instagram is determined by clicks on the link; for example, to your blog or store website. (You can see conversion statistics if you have a business account on Instagram.)

Even if you have only five hundred subscribers, but a large part of them follow the link to watch a video or read an article, then you have achieved success.

And in order to dot the “I”: no one doubts that the usual indicators of success with getting into the TOP of Instagram are an excellent achievement. I just want to remind you that you are also successful in your own way. On the other hand, account verification and the desire to gain a million subscribers are also good motivations. But if you now have one or two thousand subscribers, then you are already successful – it’s just that your success is measured differently.@ Buy Now: buy Instagram views for $1

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