How to post a YouTube video to Instagram?

Recently, a growing number of users have posted stylish YouTube videos on Instagram. Aren’t there a lot of people who want to post not only photos but also videos and YouTube videos to their Instagram? Many people use Instagram, but don’t know how to post YouTube videos.

This time, I will introduce a technique for posting YouTube videos on Instagram.

  • Part1. How to post YouTube videos to Instagram.
  • Part2. “Filmora,” a software that can edit YouTube and Instagram videos fashionably.

Start your fun with “Filmora” to post YouTube videos on Instagram

In order to post videos such as YouTube on Instagram, you need to first move the videos to your smartphone using the video storage app. It doesn’t matter which app you use, but this time we will introduce the procedure to save YouTube videos using the recommended “Clip box”.

◆ Save YouTube videos to a smartphone with a Clip box

1 Tap “Clip” from the “Clip box” and search for YouTube in your browser.

2 Open YouTube, select the YouTube video you want to save on your smartphone and tap “+” at the bottom of the screen.

3 When a pop-up screen appears, “Please select a storage location”, tap “OK” to start downloading.

With the above procedure, you can easily save YouTube videos to your smartphone.

◆ Post YouTube videos to Instagram

On Instagram, you can only post videos with a playback time of up to 1 minute. Therefore, to post a video longer than one minute, edit the video to fit in time.

1 Tap the “+” mark from the Instagram menu to open “Library”.

2 Select the YouTube video you want to post on Instagram and tap “Length adjustment” at the bottom of the screen.

3 You will be able to adjust the video playback time with slides, so set it to be within 1 minute and tap “Done”.

4 After that, return to the library screen, select “Next”, and tap “Share”.

With the above procedure, you can post YouTube videos on Instagram.

◆ Deleting posted YouTube videos

When posting videos on Instagram, it’s not unusual to post a different YouTube video by mistake. If you accidentally post a different video to Instagram, you can delete the video by following the steps below.

1 Open Instagram and select the YouTube video you posted by mistake.

2 Tap “…” displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

3 When the selection screen is displayed, tap “Delete” on it.

4 When the pop-up message “Do you want to delete?” Appears, tap “Delete”.

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Part2. Filmora, a software that can edit YouTube and Instagram videos fashionably

For those who are getting tired of posting photos and want to edit and process YouTube videos fashionably and want to post them on Instagram, Wondershare’s excellent video editing software, Filmora, is recommended. is.

“Filmora” is a high-performance video editing software that can easily edit and create various videos. The great attraction of this software is that it has more powerful editing functions than conventional software. You can edit videos freely with a variety of functions, such as “Title”, which allows you to add text and end rolls to the video, and “Filter”, which changes the color of effects to change the appearance of the video. Even those who use the editing software for the first time can do video editing.

What did you think? You can easily post YouTube videos to Instagram using the app or video editing software. If you want to make your YouTube videos even more fashionable or create videos for weddings, birthdays, and more, download Filmora for free and give it a try.

Add the special effects of Hollywood movies to your videos! With “Filmora (former name: Video Editing Pro)”, you can easily create videos like this!

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