How to Post GIF Animation to Facebook?

Post-GIF Animation to Facebook?

Awww you really want to know, How to post GIF animations On Facebook?  The saying goes, “A single photo GIF is worth a thousand words.”

As you may know today, Facebook users are finally able to express themselves with GIFs (applause, wait a minute …).

Twitter and Pinterest have long supported GIFs, but Facebook hasn’t seemed likely to support them forever. Certainly, in 2013 it became possible to post Giphy GIFs to Facebook in Messenger and other places (I also use it a lot with my friends).

It was only possible to post via Giphy and it was only a workaround. But now it’s possible to post any GIF to Facebook.

This feature update appears to be rolling out gradually and is already available to most users, but it doesn’t seem to be available yet on the “Facebook page” (business and publisher pages).

And the best thing about this update is …

… Manipulating posts is never easier!

How to Post GIF Animation to Facebook?

1) Copy the link to your favorite GIF.


2) Paste the link in the Facebook status update field.

post GIF Animation to facebook

(If you paste the link and the GIF is displayed, you can delete the URL that is displayed in the status update column. Don’t forget that it will look cleaner.)

3) Post.


With just this, you can post.

How to download and save Tumblr videos:

Regarding the reference source of GIF, it supports all reference sources such as Tumblr, Imgur, Giphy, and Google Image Search. If you know the direct link to the GIF image file you want to post, you can post it to Facebook.

(As mentioned above, this feature has not been fully implemented on Facebook. If you cannot upload GIFs, it may not be supported yet …)

What does this mean for marketers?

GIF is a great medium from a marketing perspective.

First, GIFs can be very easily digested. Modern people’s attention spans are only getting shorter (see infographic: The Shrinking Attention Span ).

Short videos, such as GIFs, are a perfect way to get your audience’s attention in a large feed.

Needless to say, GIFs are designed to get emotional reactions from people. Some people will laugh, others will cry (although in most cases the pattern is too laughter and tears). And most importantly, people feel something from it. And when people feel something, they want to share.

Facebook expresses joy corresponding to GIF with GIF

Now that we have collected some of our favorite GIFs, let’s use Facebook’s new features to tell your joy to your friends and family.


Source: Giphy


Source: Giphy


Source: Giphy


Source: Tumblr


Source: Giphy


Source: Giphy


Source: BuzzFeed


Top GIF image source: Giphy

Which GIF did you think expressed the most joy?

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