How to Register and Delete Twitch Account?

Many People want to register a Twitch account and sometimes Peoples want to delete/remove a Twitch account. here I’m going to show you how to create and delete your Twitch account.

Do you know “Twitch”? “Twitch” is simply a “gameplay distribution site”. “Amazon”, which operates a world-famous mail-order site, provides this service.

Originally created from a comprehensive live-streaming distribution site called Justin. tv, it was acquired and operated by Amazon in 2014.

It then grew explosively and became so popular in 2015 that it had 1.5 million broadcasters and over 100 million viewers per month. As a result, it is now an essential game distribution site, especially for gamers.

We will introduce how to register and create such a popular distribution site “Twitch”, how to delete it, and points to note. If you want to start Twitch right now, please take a look.

Game distribution platform

Twitch is a game distribution platform that can distribute the gameplay screen while playing games. We mainly play live games, live games, or events such as e-sports tournaments and other game-related live distribution.

Not only that, but they also have face-to-face chats and creative non-game-related distributions such as dance and music distribution. Many ex-professional gamers and gamers use it because it is easy to generate money by distributing games.

This makes it a very popular game distribution platform worldwide. It is a very popular platform, with a record of up to tens of millions of unique viewers at the time of game event distribution.


[Twitch] Create Twitch Account Method-Introduction-

Let’s see how to register and create a Twitch account. To register an account with Twitch, you will need your “username“, “password”, “birth date” and “email address”. Let’s start with the introduction of Twitch.

This time, we will introduce both Personal computers (PC) and smartphones.

Introduce with Personal Computer

The first is how to install Twitch on a PC.

Access WEB site

Installing Twitch on a PC is very easy. There are no apps or software, just go to the Twitch website and you can start using Twitch. Go to the Twitch site for an introduction.


Download the app

Twitch deployment on smartphones can be done with a browser or app. Download the Twitch app from the App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.


Twitch on the App Store

Twitch-Apps on Google Play

[Twitch] How to Register / Create Account-User Information-

Let’s register and create a Twitch account after the introduction of the Twitch app and so on. First, register your user account information. When registering or creating an account, you will need your “user name”, “password”, “date of birth”, and “email address”.

Register user information

When registering your Twitch user account information, you will need your “user name”, “password”, “birth date”, and “email address”. Enter each one properly. After registering your e-mail address, please verify your address.


First, the user name. Your username will be the name that will be published to other users on Twitch. If you want to broadcast, register a user name that is easy to remember and search for. By the way, the user name can be changed later.


Next is the password. The password must be at least 8 characters. It is necessary to log in, so please remember your password after registering. If you forget your password, you can reissue it by email.

If you forget your password, you can solve it with “If you cannot log in”.


Enter your date of birth after entering your password. The date of birth can be selected from the pull-down menu. By the way, if you enter a date of birth below 13 years old, you can not create a Twitch account. And the date of birth cannot be changed.

After entering your date of birth, fill in your email address.

mail address

Enter your email address after entering your date of birth. Your email address is required to authenticate your account, so make sure you enter a valid email address. After entering your e-mail address, just register, and you are done with account registration and creation.

By the way, if you authenticate your email address, you can use it for reissuing your password if you forget it, so let’s authenticate properly. This completes the account registration procedure.

save as bookmark

After registering an account with Twitch, a screen for registering your favorite games, etc will appear. Register at least three of your favorite items here.

Address authentication

When you receive an email from Twitch to verify your email address, fill in your 6-digit verification number. If you fill it out correctly, your email address will be verified.

Summary of the account registration procedure

To register an account with Twitch, complete “User name”, “Password”, “Date of birth”, and “Email address”, authenticate your email address, and complete your favorite registration.

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[Introduction] What is Twitch? A detailed explanation of registration / how to use it!

[Twitch] Basic usage

Here are some basic tips for using Twitch. We introduce “How to change language”, “How to search for games”, “How to follow Twitch distributors”, and “How to send messages to Twitch distributors”.

How to change language settings

The first is Twitch’s language change method. You can change the language of Twitch from the tab that appears when you click the profile icon like an image. Click “Language” in the tab.

That will bring up a lot of language lists. If you select Japanese from among them, the change is completed.

How to find games

Next is how to search for games. Search from the “Search window” or “Find content” at the top of the Twitch site. In the search window, hitting the name of the game will come up with candidates, which is very convenient to use when searching.

There are many games registered in “Search for Content”, from Japanese games to overseas games, so if you want to do something for the time being, we recommend that you search by content.

In addition, the Twitch top screen recommends distribution at random, so you can enjoy the distribution without searching. That’s all for how to search for games on Twitch.

How to follow a broadcaster

Next is how to follow Twitch broadcasters. Following a Twitch broadcaster is very easy, just press the follow button with a heart displayed at the top of the broadcast screen. You can also search for and follow user names.

How to send a message to the broadcaster

Finally, how to send messages to Twitch distributors. Messages to Twitch broadcasters are mainly sent via chat. The chat is on the right side of the broadcast screen.

Here you can type in what you want to say and send it to your Twitch broadcaster with your username.

How to delete a Twitch account?

Next, we will show you how to delete your Twitch account. Let’s start with the points to note when deleting your account.

Precautions when deleting

The caveats when deleting are that a password is required and that deleting a Twitch account only disables the account, leaving user information and other information. If you do not want to keep the user information, change the user information as much as possible before disabling it.

Removal procedure

Then, it is an explanation of the deletion procedure. First, go to ” Settings ” from the profile icon.

=> Scroll down to the bottom of your ” Profile ” when you are done.

=> Then, ” Disable Twitch Account ” will appear, so go to the “Disable Account” link there.

=> If you go to the link for disabling the account, a box will appear where you can write down the reason for disabling (deleting) the account. Write the reason for the account deactivation {deletion} here.

=> After writing the account invalidation (deletion) reason, the password is confirmed at the end. Enter the password and press ” Authentication ” to complete the invalidation (deletion) procedure.


[Twitch] Notes

Finally, I will introduce the points and system of Twitch. The system mainly explains how to change money and how to support it. Twitch’s lending system is very unique, so be sure to check it out if you are worried.

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What are bits

First, ” bits “. bits are virtual goods that can be purchased on twitch. You can buy it with real money and indirectly hand it over to the distributor. This is the so-called money change.

Bits can be dispensed by hitting “cheer (number)” in the chat on the distribution page. Bits also have badges, and the more money you spend, the higher the badge ranks. It seems that those who want to be regarded by broadcasters are ranked higher.

What is cheering

Next is ” cheering “. Cheering literally means “support”. Indicates the act of buying bits and sending them to the distributor. When Cheering is performed, it is displayed on the delivery screen that Cheering has been performed. In

addition, you can increase the rank of the badge displayed on the chat by chaining (only when the display is set by the broadcaster) . This rank depends on the amount of Cheer.

However, there are some distributions where Cheering cannot be performed, and some distributions where a small amount of Cheering cannot be performed.

What to do when delivery is heavy / stops

Finally, when Ya stops when delivery of twitch heavy Remedy will introduce. Twitch is only a live streaming site, and it tends to be heavy. In such a case, you may want to try “Reload page”, “Reduce image quality”, “Use wired LAN” and so on.

Also, in rare cases, there may be a communication failure of Twitch itself, so if you think something is wrong, check out Twitch’s official Twitter etc.

Basically, it is a live-streaming distribution, so even if it stops, you can read it from the middle if you reload and watch the distribution again. Let’s try the above method to make the delivery lighter.



This time, I introduced how to register, create, and delete Twitch accounts. Currently, many gamers, from amateurs to professional gamers, distribute games on Twitch. It is the world’s top live-streaming distribution site.

Many users distribute games that are not very popular in Japan. It also offers live streaming at events such as e-sports, sometimes recording tens of millions of unique viewers.

If you’re tired of playing Japanese games or want to watch more lively broadcasts, be sure to check out Twitch

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