How to remove the notice on Facebook

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, or you watch many pages on Facebook, the notifications really can lead to serious disturbances. Knowing how to remove the notice on Facebook, can help keep your account clean and free of unnecessary clutter.

How to Delete Notifications On Facebook.

Log on to in your web browser or your Facebook account in the official Facebook mobile application.

Select the bell icon in the upper right corner on or the bottom menu of the application.

If you are on, move the cursor to the notification you want to delete, and then three dots that appear on the right.

If you are in an application, three points have to be seen to the right of each notification, you can press to select.

In the menu that appears, select “Hide this notice”, to remove it from your notifications that basically removes it. You can always choose to cancel if you change your mind.

Tip: If you prefer to keep the notification, but mark it, to separate it from new, you can mark it as read. All you need to do is to change the background color to white notice. On, move the cursor to the notification and select the grey dot, which appears to the right of it, to mark it as read. You can mark the notice as read-only on, and not in the annex.

Depending on the notification type, you can select additional options in the menu to reduce unnecessary notifications. This includes:

Get fewer notifications, like this: these notifications will not be completely stopped, but you will not see much of them.

Disconnect all of this type of notice: you will no longer see this particular type of notifications, which are usually less important notifications from the pages, rather than direct interaction with friends.

Turn off all notifications on this page you will no longer receive messages from that particular page, whether you liked the page or pages that you control from your account.

If you choose any of the options listed in the previous step, you can still select the Hide this notification later to remove it from your system tray.

Note: Unfortunately, there is no function to Facebook, that allows massively removing any of your personal accounts. You will need to follow the steps above for each individual notification to delete it. The good news is that Facebook only supports a certain number of your most recent notifications, which means that old eventually removed automatically.

How to stop unwanted notifications, so you do not have to remove them.

You can simplify your task, and disable or limit certain notifications that, as you know, will eventually be removed. Although you cannot disable all of them, you certainly can reduce them.

Follow steps 1 to 4 if you are on, or steps 5 to 7 if you are using the Facebook app.

On, select the down arrow in the upper right corner.

Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Select the alert in the vertical menu on the left.

Click Edit next to the following sections.

On Facebook this includes all of the notifications that you receive by a bell icon on or application, including the notice for groups, you manage pages, and so on.

E-mail: This includes e-mail messages, and you receive a notification associated with the account.

Desktop and mobile: it includes a notice on the computer screen and the device that you get, even if you are not on or not using the app.

Text message: this includes text messages SMS, and you receive notifications for certain.

Use the drop-down menu to the right of each parameter is notified to turn off or limit it.

In the Facebook application, select the menu icon in the bottom menu.

Scroll down and select Notification Settings.

Choose any of the current notifications that you get to turn off notifications for Push, e-mail or SMS.

How to stop notifications from Messenger.

Messenger messages are separated from all other notifications that you get on Facebook. Regardless of whether you are using Messenger on or via the mobile Messenger application, you can customize notification settings so that you do not receive the same amount

Follow steps 1 to 5 if you are on, or steps 6 through 9 if you use the Messenger app.

On, you can disable notifications of new messages from specific friends. Select the bubble message icon in the upper right corner.

Select View All Posts at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

On the next page, you will be able to see the incoming messages in full-screen mode. Select an existing message from one another in the left column, or, alternatively, get the friend’s name and then select it from the list of auto-suggestions.

For the selected friend on the right, you will see a list of options. Select Notifications.

In the pop-up window, uncheck the box to receive notifications about new messages and/or receive notifications about responses.

In the Messenger app, tap their profile image in the top right corner.

Click Notifications.

Click Disable notifications that you no longer receive notification Messenger on your mobile device.

You also have the option to choose Notifications in Messenger, to mute the sound or vibration, if you just want to limit the method of notification.

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