How to temporarily suspend your Instagram account?

How to temporarily suspend your Instagram account… What do other people see? Do you know that you can temporarily suspend your Instagram account? I’ve actually tried this hidden method that can’t be done from the app. Here’s how to pause, how a suspended account looks to others, and if you reinstate your account, you can still use it as before!

f you’re doing Instagram, some of you may feel stuffy, such as having to “like” someone else’s post.

It is said that it is so-called SNS fatigue, but even if you cross your mind to delete your account at once, past posts and “likes” that everyone did will disappear, that is a lonely Thing.

In such a case, the recommendation is “Pause Account” which is secretly prepared on Instagram.
In the past, I tried to delete my Twitter account temporarily but this time on Instagram as well I want to try that.

How to ‘pause’ Instagram

“Pause” of Instagram can be implemented from the WEB version of Instagram instead of the app.
You may think, “Do I have to do it on my computer?” You can also access the online version of Instagram
from your smartphone.

Here are the steps:

1. Access the WEB version of Instagram and log in.

I will explain in the smartphone version, but the flow is the same in the PC version.

2 Press the account icon at the bottom right.
3 Press the “Settings” icon on the upper left.
4 Tap “Edit profile”.
5 Enter the “Reason for suspending your account” and “Password” and press “Temporary suspension of account”.

In the PC version, the button for “temporarily suspending your account” appears first on the “Edit profile” screen. If you click it, the “Reason for suspending your account” screen appears.

6 In the confirmation dialog, press “Yes”.

What will my account look like when deleted?

Check the suspended account on the WEB version …

This street “This page is not available.” And brilliantly account was gone.

How do I recover my account?

Although it’s an official method, I’m still worried if it can be revived.

So, let’s now revive the account.

Reactivating your account is as simple as logging in to Instagram again.
So, I launched the app, entered the username and password, and tried to log in.

Then …

It was resurrected without incident.

They also left their posted photos and follow / follower accounts. It was good.

Twitter has a deadline of 30 days to recover after deletion, but Instagram does not seem to have a recovery time limit.

If you want to quit Instagram but have difficulty getting ridiculous, why not try to “temporarily” quit Instagram using the above method and see if you can leave it as it is?

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