How to use Instagram Business Account

You can create a business account on Instagram. If you use Instagram to attract or promote customers, try creating a business account instead of a general account.

In this article, I’ll show you how to create a business account, and what you can and cannot do with it.

In addition, we will explain what a business account is in an easy-to-understand manner.

If you know these things, you may be able to make good use of Instagram, which has a short history as a business tool.

An Instagram business account is an account for business users and is officially a business profile. For businesses that want to run Instagram for business, some business tools are available for business accounts. With a business account, you can browse information necessary for marketing and post store addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

To create a business account first, get your personal account as you normally would. If you already have a personal account, you do not need to create a new account and you can use it as is. By changing your personal profile to a business profile, you can use it as a business account.

How to use an Instagram personal account for business?

To change your personal profile to a business profile, first, bring up the home screen. The gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen is the advanced settings button, so tap it. Select ” Switch to Business Profile” from the menu and tap “Next” to proceed with the page.

Select the account you want to change from the one displayed on your business profile, and the “Link Facebook Page” button will appear. In this step, select the Facebook page you want to associate with your business profile. If you run more than one Facebook, choose the one that works.

Next, you’ll be taken to the ‘Setup business profile ‘page where you can enter your business contact information. You must enter any of the following information: address, phone number, and email address. It is safe to enter multiple pieces of information. After entering, select “Done” to complete the process of changing your business profile.

I explained how to link with a Facebook page, but you can change to a business profile without linking. If you do not use Facebook or do not want to link with Facebook, tap “Skip” on the “Link Facebook page” screen, and skip the linking procedure.

How to use an Instagram business account ① What is restricted?

Private accounts can be set as private accounts. If you are a private account, only your followers can see the post, so you can limit the people who send information.

However, it cannot be set as private with a business account. The posting of photos and the posting of stories can be viewed by third parties other than followers.

If you add a hashtag to the text of the post, anyone can search for the hashtag. Although the information will be disclosed to an unspecified number of people, it will not be a big problem because it seems that there is little merit to hide it in the business account for the purpose of attracting customers and advertising.

In addition, if you share your Instagram post to Facebook with your business account, you can only share it on the Facebook page associated with your business profile.

Even if you run multiple Facebook, you can only share Instagram posts to Facebook pages linked to your business profile. If you absolutely want to share your Instagram posts on multiple Facebook pages, set Instagram back to your personal account and share it on another Facebook page.

Then, once again, operate from the setting screen to switch to the business profile and link it with the original Facebook page. It’s a bit tedious, but it allows you to share your Instagram posts on multiple Facebook pages.

How to use an Instagram business account ② What can you do only with a business Instagram account?

When you switch to a business account, your account’s feed page will automatically have a Contact button. By tapping this button, you can call or send an email directly to the phone number or email address registered in your business profile. It will be easier for Instagram users to get in touch with the company and make them feel more familiar.

For companies that have physical stores, you can also post shop location information. Select “Show directions” from the “Contacts” button to launch Google Maps and start navigation. By making the location of the shop easier to understand, it is a convenient function that can attract more customers to the shop.

You can also use Instagram Insight” with your business account. Instagram Insight is useful tool that allows you to analyze your followers‘ statistical data and their reactions to your posts.

You can analyze the sex and age of your followers, location information, and time zones when they are frequently accessed, and you can also see the number of clicks on websites and directions. Knowing the attributes of your followers and popular posts will help you make your posts more appealing to more people.

Your business also advertises your past posts as advertisements. You can select the target to deliver, and the period for publishing, and you can deliver targets recommended by Instagram. You can expect more Instagram users to respond by selecting the most popular posts on Instagram Insight.

Instagram Business Account Usage Summary

Turning Instagram into a business account gives you access to tools and features not available in your personal account. All of them are very useful for business.

so follow the method introduced in this article to switch to your business profile and start using your business.

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