How to increase the number of active followers that a corporate Instagram account should get?

Even if the number of followers increases to some extent, it does not make sense to increase the number of followers who are not actually fans of the account. Here are some tips for getting followers that match your target.

Take measures after unifying the world view of accounts

If you often want to increase buy Instagram cheap 10k followers, it is said that it is good to carry out a campaign, prepare prizes, and distribute coupons. Of course, these are effective tactics and measures that should be taken, but the first thing to keep in mind before implementing those measures or placing advertisements is to “maintain the world view of your account”.

However, if you blindly carry out a campaign or take measures to win a prize, you may permanently increase your followers. However, the followers are often sweepstakes accounts or transient followers.

Before conducting a campaign etc., first of all, “I like the world view of this account and follow it” “I want to see the photos and sentences uploaded by this account and follow it” and “Fans of non-transient accounts” It is important to collect. It is because the campaign is launched after such people have gathered to some extent, which leads to the acquisition of “true fans” of the services, products, and stores themselves.

In order to get true fans, keep posting consistently from the world view of your account.

Determine the operating system considering the balance of the posted content, and make a monthly schedule in advance

No one wants to follow an account that hasn’t been updated.

Also, when users come to follow, most of them first come to the profile screen of the account.

Therefore, as the number of contents increases, the world view of the account itself will be established, and the probability that users will think “I like the world view of this account. Let’s follow” when they come to see the account feed increases. 

Create a system and schedule that allows you to post at least once every three days, and regularly post a photo of a pre-determined “unified world view” with text.

Daily operation is important! “Move your account” on a regular basis

In order to get active users, it is very important to “move your account” every day.

This seems obvious, surprisingly difficult, and most important.

Even if you say “move an account” in a word, there are various operation methods.

・ Follow and like users who are close to the target

・ After posting, attach a link to Stories and transition to posting

・ Communicate with users using the question function and questionnaire function of Stories

・ Popular with a close view of the world Collaborate with Instagrammers who have many followers of their accounts and target groups

・ If there is a real store, inform the account at the store

・ Post a link to Instagram on HP and other SNS account posts

There are many things you can do.

Of course, depending on the type of follower and the target group, there are actions that are addictive and reactions that are not good, so please try various things first and find an operation method that suits your account.

Even though we have opened an official Instagram, it is meaningless if our followers do have “true fans” of our services and products. Please refer to the above method in order to “increase the number of active users buy 50000 Instagram followers” that will lead to the transition to your own service site and product purchase.

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