How to increase the number of Genuine YouTube views?

YouTube has reached 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Many companies around the world are increasing their sales through video marketing using YouTube, but it is thought that this tendency will become even more prominent with the expansion of 5G and Wi-Fi 6, and YouTube has attracted a lot of attention.

However, increasing YouTube views is not easy, and the reality is that many companies and creators compromise early. So, in this article, I will introduce “8 ways to increase the number of Genuine YouTube Views”.

  1. Understand the basics of YouTube

First of all, it is important to have a solid understanding of the basics of YouTube. YouTube makes it easy for anyone to distribute videos, but if you don’t understand its characteristics, you may be disliked by YouTube’s algorithms. The following are the main features of YouTube.

  • YouTube is a platform for communicating information with a focus on visual effects
  • Focusing on sharing useful information

In other words, it is important to fully understand that videos and channels that do not require visual effects or that are recognized as non-useful may be excluded in the future before using YouTube.

  1. Thoroughly narrow down the target

The most important thing to get started with YouTube is to target it thoroughly. If you want to reach everyone in the world with your video, unfortunately, it won’t even reach just one person. It is said that the more specific the targeting is, the easier it is for the video to be pierced by the viewer. Please strongly imagine one person or one company who wants to deliver this video, and create a video for that person. Only then will the video be completed that will pierce people who are interested in the field.

  1. Optimize video SEO

YouTube is both a social platform and a search engine. As with Google search, if your video is ranked higher than the keywords entered by the viewer, the number of views will naturally increase. However, if the search ranking is much lower, you will have to give up watching videos by natural search. YouTube has a lot of related videos, so you don’t have to focus on search rankings, but it’s better to be ranked higher.

The trick to finding your video at the top of your search is to thoroughly research the videos that are already at the top. Analyze what videos your viewers are interested in and see their search patterns and queries. And using those keywords as metadata (titles, tags, details, subtitles) will dramatically improve your search ranking.

  1. Thoroughly research popular videos and make effective use of metadata

If you want to get more Genuine YouTube Views, start by researching similar popular channels. Go to their video library to see the most popular videos.

For popular videos, you’ll find that the videos themselves are attractive and at the same time rich in metadata. By learning the composition of metadata from popular videos and actively using similar keywords, the possibility of being featured in related videos will increase.

The related videos that appear to the right of the main video are the recommended video of your channel at the top, the advertisement next, and. Below that, the YouTube algorithm recommends this video! Related videos that I thought will be posted. Let’s actively aim for this related video frame.

  1. Use custom thumbnails and set prominent thumbnails

It is said that only a small number of viewers read all the titles of videos. In addition, viewers who read the details section of the video, probably only a small part of it. So what are the viewers looking at, yes? It is a “thumbnail”.

If the thumbnails are easy to understand, novel, and interesting, viewers are said to click on the video. Therefore, when uploading a video, set the recommended thumbnail as a thumbnail with a custom thumbnail.

However, if the thumbnail appeal is far from the quality of the actual video, the viewer will be disengaged. And it is said that YouTube’s algorithm dislikes immediate withdrawal. It’s important not only to make nice thumbnails but also to make videos with great content.

  1. Create playlists to increase views

You can bring viewers to your channel by creating playlists. Normally, when one video ends, it will automatically switch to another channel’s video, but by setting a playlist, you can have your video looped and watched. If you like multiple channels, you are more likely to subscribe to them. Playlists are very easy to set up, so let’s set them up right away.

  1. Build relationships with YouTube viewers

Between 2017 and 2018, 70% of YouTube users said they followed “creators” and interacted within the channel. YouTube is now not a one-sided video distribution place, but a place for creators and viewers to communicate with each other. Your fans will grow by replying to users who have commented on your video and by politely handling questions and requests from users.

  1. Collaborate with other creators

Collaboration projects with other YouTube creators are attracting attention as one of the ways to greatly expand the audience frame. By collaborating, we can expect to attract new fans. However, if the video genre is too different, it will lead to a loss of trust, so be careful. Also, if both creators are not well-known, it is natural to expect that the project will collapse.

While YouTube is a video-sharing platform that is currently attracting attention, many companies and creators have already entered the market, so when conducting video marketing using YouTube as the main platform in the future, along with an appropriate strategy, a drastic strategy will become necessary.

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