What is an influencer (Instagrammer) follower buying

In order to carry out influencer marketing and enhance its effectiveness, it is necessary to widely and deeply deliver information to the followers (fans) of the influencer to be appointed.

However, nowadays, services that allow you to purchase followers with money are widely recognized, and some SNS users are buying followers.

The followers provided by follower buyers are generally overseas users who are not related to the target group, or they are often empty accounts mechanically mass-produced by bots, so the effect of influencer marketing can be improved. It will be diluted.

So, in this article, I’ll show you a specific way to check if influencers are buying 50k Instagram followers cheaply.

Ask influencers to publicize your products When considering influencer marketing, please use it to take effective measures.

What is an influencer (Instagrammer) follower buying?

Buying influencer followers literally means buying SNS followers for money and inflating them.

Since you can easily purchase followers with money, you can increase followers in a short period of time, and the users who purchased can appeal to the outside like “influencers” who have a large number of followers on the surface.

  • However, the followers buy
  • Unrelated SNS users around the world
  • SNS account created mechanically by the system
  • An SNS account that is no longer in use

Since there are many cases where “empty” SNS account users follow you, it just looks like you have a lot of followers, which is good! It will only increase the number of low-quality 5k Instagram followers who will not comment or comment.

There are also “Like! Buy” and “Comment buys “In addition to purchasing followers, there is also a service that allows you to purchase “likes” and “comments” for each post.

Each post has a lot of likes! You can create a “good-looking” account by making it look like you’re getting comments and comments.

However, I like it from an empty account! Because it will be in the form of receiving comments and comments, it will be an influencer who has a good numerical appearance but has a low effect as influencer marketing.

Instagram is strengthening the implementation of account deletion that violates the terms of use, and it may be further strengthened in the future.

In the long run, influencers who are buying followers will be eliminated, but marketers must take measures that can be taken at present to improve the effectiveness of marketing measures.

Harmful effects of buying followers

When conducting influencer marketing to have influencer followers publicize a company’s products and services, influencers who are buying followers are a factor that reduces advertising effectiveness.

This results in providing information to many “empty” followers who are different from the target audience, making it less likely to lead to engagement (likes, comments, transitions to the site, etc.), resulting in cost-effectiveness. This is because it greatly worsens.

The same is true for influencers who frequently purchase “likes”, which leads to the misunderstanding of the engagement rate (response rate such as “likes” and “comments”) when selecting influencers.

Therefore, when a company conducts marketing using influencers, the reach of information by the number of followers is also important, but it is required to carefully check the quality of followers, so-called “follower attributes”, and the person in charge is large. Being a burden is a major issue in selecting influencers.

Now, let’s introduce a concrete method to check whether influencers are buying 20000 Instagram followers. In addition, here we introduce how to check if you are buying followers on Instagram.

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