[Instagram] Causes and Countermeasures When Suddenly unable to Log in

Causes and Countermeasures When Suddenly unable to Log in: “I can’t log in to Instagram!”

If such sudden trouble occurs, it is troublesome.

However, even if you are carefulyou can often not log in to Instagram.

In addition, there are many cases where login is suddenly impossible even in cases such as “automatic login status” and “password saved”.

In fact, there is a risk that your account has been hijacked. We want to prevent scary situations such as “ account takeover” in advance.

So, this time, in order to avoid an emergency situation where you can no longer log in to Instagram

  • Why can’t I log in to Instagram?
  • I want to know what I can do to log in again
  • Is there a way to take measures in advance?

I will explain the troubles such as from 1!

Reading this article will reduce the frustration of being unable to log in.

7 ways to log in to Instagram:

More and more people are using Instagram for corporate branding and marketing, as well as the general public.

In the meantime, you will be impatient if you can not log in to Instagram!

If you can solve sudden trouble quickly, you should know.

Here, we will introduce in detail the seven measures to be taken when you cannot log in to Instagram.

① Check the user name and password

First, check your registered username and password.

If either username or password is incorrect, you cannot log in.

In particular, the model change of the smartphone or the logged-on computer with different caution when benefit.

If you have forgotten either your username or password, reset it for a quick fix.

By the way, if you forget all three pieces of information on Instagram, you will have to create a new account.

  1. User name
  2. password
  3. Facebook account

If you want to recreate it, it will be difficult because you will have to set a new value from 1.

② Check the connection to the Internet

If you can’t log in to Instagram, check your internet connection.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi in-house, restarting the router and re-entering the password is also recommended to try. Also, make sure that you are not connected to FREE Wi-Fi.

FREE Wi-Fi slows down when there are a lot of connected devices, and you may not even be able to connect.

In addition, you can use it only after registering as a guest on FREE Wi-Fi where you enter your email address and register for use.

Turn off the connection and connect to the Internet before logging in.

③ Check the version of the smartphone and Instagram

If the Instagram version is not updated to the latest version, you may not be able to log in.

This is unlikely for those who have selected automatic updates, but be careful if you have set manual updates.

If you want to check the version of the app, check with your smartphone.

If it is not the latest version, the update may solve the problem.

Check if you are logged in on multiple devices

Instagram is a specification that you can not log in from more than a certain number of terminals.

Login from multiple terminals is possible, but if the number exceeds a certain number, an error message ” Too many users have been registered on this device ” will be sent.

If your company uses Instagram, there may be cases where multiple people are using the same account.

To avoid being unable to log in, log out of your account on devices that you do not use.

Open the settings from your profile and “log out”.

Use the login link function if you do not know the user name

If you forget your Instagram password, you can send a “login link ” to your registered e-mail address or phone number (SMS) to log in without a password.

Tap the login link sent to your email address or SMS and try to log in to Instagram.

However, it may take some time for the login link to arrive.

If you still haven’t received it after a while, check if it’s also received in your spam folder and try again.

Reset the password if you forget it

If you can’t remember your password, reset it.

You can change your password by accessing the Instagram page from a smartphone app, Safari, Chrome, or another browser.

However, if you are running Instagram on multiple people, such as a company, share your password firmly.

If one person forgets the password and changes it, he or she will have to reset it again and it will be troublesome twice.

⑦Contact support request

If you have tried all of the above and are still unable to log in, turn to a Support Request.

In the smartphone app, a support request opens when you go to ” Login help → If you need help ” on the login screen.

After inputting each item and the current trouble situation, tap “Support Request” at the bottom to send the problem details to the management side. Wait for your reply.

Inability to log in to Instagram

On Instagram, you may not be able to log in even if your username and password match.

Here is a summary of how to solve the case where the input information is correct but not connected.

The account has been hijacked

A malicious act of a third party illegally obtaining account information and logging in without permission is “account takeover”.

Not only on Instagram but also on SNS, user names are public, so anyone can easily log in if they know the password.

In particular, passwords such as words related to birthdays and names are likely to be applied.

If you are hijacked, change your password immediately and get it back.

If you can’t get it back and your username or email address has changed, please use the Instagram Help Center.

You can report on account hijacking from ” Privacy and Security → Report → Unauthorized Account Access “.

A system failure has occurred

If there is no problem with the Instagram application, communication status, or mobile device, the system itself may have failed.

The problem is on the Instagram service, so you have to wait for the system failure to recover.

If there are many people who post on Twitter or other SNS such as “I can’t log in to Instagram! “, It’s an Instagram service failure.

By the way, if you use a site called “Down Detector”, you can check the status of connection failure.

Immediately after changing the model

As mentioned above, be especially careful as you can easily fall into a state where you cannot log in immediately after changing your smartphone model.

If you are still logged in on your old device, please log out.

After logging out, you can log in with a new smartphone.

If that doesn’t work, uninstall the app on your new device, install it again, and sign in.

Measures to prevent Instagram login errors

I will tell you how to deal with the error in advance.

Copy to Notebook or Notepad app

If you record your user name and password in your notebook, smartphone, or notepad application on your PC, you can always check “I forgot my password!”

Since there is a high possibility of being seen and misused by others, when setting a password, let’s camouflage it by encrypting it so that only you can see it.

Even if seen by a third party, it is safe because the password is not determined.

Insert a password management app

If you want to take measures against your Instagram login, you may want to use the “Password Manager App” which can manage passwords in a batch.

  • Generate strong passwords that are difficult to abuse
  • The user always remembers the password, so the user does not have to remember
  • Change password even if hacked

It is full of services that are appreciated by users.

If you can’t remember all your passwords, you may want to try using an app like Lastpass.


Instagram has become an indispensable part of corporate strategy.

Many of you will be logged in as “logged in”.

In such a case, you cannot log in suddenly! You will be impatient when things go wrong.

So, try the following!

  • Find out why you can’t log in
  • Know what to do if you can’t log in to Instagram
  • Prevent login errors from occurring

If you take measures, you will not have to worry.

Being able to deal with sudden troubles calmly will save you time and make a difference from other companies.

* For Instagram login-related inquiries, please contact the support page of HP Instagram official.

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