Instagram Character Limit

It depends on where you type! Instagram character limit:

In addition to photos and video posts, Instagram has many attractive features such as hashtags and stories,
and it will be a great marketing force by mastering it.

However, it is not surprisingly known that the caption for entering characters when posting photos and videos has a character limit.
In addition, there are some restrictions on the number of hashtags, characters, and profile text.

Here, we will explain the character limit for each input location.

On Instagram, the number of characters is also in the hashtag!

Both single-byte and double-byte characters are counted as one character.

Keep in mind that kanji, hiragana, katakana, and alphanumeric characters are also converted into one character.
If you enter more than 2200 characters in the caption field, a red window will appear at the top of the screen with the message “The caption is too long” and text over 2200 characters will be cut automatically.

it’s safe to assume that posts that exceed 2200 characters are rare on Instagram, where photos and videos are the main social networks.
On the other hand, in other SNS services, the maximum number of characters that can be posted is 140 in some cases, so it can be seen that it is more important to aggregate information and convey it in an easy-to-understand manner.

A major feature of Instagram is that you can add multiple hashtags, but hashtags are posted on captions.
Therefore, keep in mind that the more hashtags you add, the fewer characters you will enter.

By the way, it is important to note that the characters you enter as a hashtag and the “# (half-width sharp)” for the
tag are also counted as one half-width space when you add multiple hashtags.

There are also some restrictions on “hashtags”, which is a feature of Instagram and an indispensable tool for many users to see.

First, the limit on the number of characters for a hashtag alone is
that it must be within 136 characters including “# (sharp)”.

However, as with captions, it is difficult to convey information with long strings, and
since long tags themselves are not used so much in the first place, you do not need to worry so much.

No matter how long an address name is, it will fit around 50 characters, and even a long name such as a person’s name or a landmark will be about 20 characters long.
It may be interesting as a strategy to send using a unique hashtag, but unless you are
an advanced person or an influencer, you should use a universal tag with a general length. Is safe.

Next, the number of hashtags that can be attached to one post, that is, the number of hashtags in the caption is also fixed.
The maximum number is 30, and if you add 31 or more, you cannot post.
To be precise, you can post the main photo or video as it is, but the text in the caption including the hashtag will be posted blank.

In addition to the character limit in the caption, be careful about the character limit and the number limit of the hashtag.

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Is the number of characters in the profile quite small? The habit of writing briefly

The profile section is an important area that appeals to users and customers, but there are restrictions as well.
The maximum number of characters in the caption was 2200, but the maximum number of characters for the profile field is 150.
The method of counting the number of characters by type is exactly the same as with captions, and full-width characters such as kanji and hiragana and half-width characters such as alphanumeric characters are all counted as one character.

You can also use pictograms within 150 characters.
If the number of characters exceeds 150, a message “Please introduce yourself within 150 characters” will appear with a red window from the top of the screen when you enter the 151st character.
The number of characters that can be entered is much smaller than with captions, so carefully select the information you want followers to know,

Try to keep it simple and easy to understand.
When you come to see the profile section as well as posts, you are more likely to be a potential customer than users who see only posts.
Don’t forget to strengthen the enclosure such as guiding to the homepage.

Actually, it takes Instagram characters even in stories:

There is actually a limit to the number of characters for stories that allow you to upload videos and images for only 24 hours.

The maximum number of characters for a story is 2,200, which is the same as for captions.

Note that, unlike captions, in a story, the larger the number of characters, the smaller the character size.
The characters are large at the beginning but become smaller as the number of characters increases.
Be careful as it becomes too unreadable if it gets too small.

It is possible to change the size of the characters after posting, but if the number of characters is too large, they will go off the screen.
It is a function that can be greatly utilized in marketing, such as sending out limited event and sale information, by taking advantage of the characteristic that there is a time limit.

At first, let’s try simple and impactful posts with a small number of characters, and
challenge various styles little by little while watching the stories of other users.

There are few characters other than captions! Scrutinize the information

The number of characters that can be posted on Instagram varies depending on the writing area and role.
Regarding the number of characters in the caption attached to the main post, although it is 2200 characters, which is more than enough,
you can only add up to 30 hashtags in the same caption.

Also, note that the maximum number of characters in the hashtag itself is up to 136 characters.
Keep in
mind that the profile field can be up to 150 characters and the story can be up to 2200 characters, but the larger the number of characters, the smaller the font size.

The content that appeals to the profile and the information that can be included in the hashtag are limited, so
let’s manage it carefully and manage it.

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