The main fashion trends belong to international brands that use Instagram as a communication channel with their customers. Let’s take a look at how today’s top brands design their Instagram accounts.

And even if you have not an insta store, but a showcase of your works or services, there are still insights that can be improved. So we peep and repeat.

cool photos in the design of the insta store.

This is undoubtedly the most expensive and richest piece of decoration. Brands use cool photographers, atmospheric locations for photos, and artistic photo manipulation. If you have an insta store, good photos are the key to your success. A professional will remove even an ugly rag so that you, at least, virtually try it on yourself.

But if your wallet doesn’t allow you to hire a mega-professional, then just take good photos.

How to buy views on Instagram 2020?

photo registration in a white frame.

But they are not limited to just photos. White frames, often forming a horizontal stripe, are another trend. Often this series of 3 posts will form a visual story. Or shows the same thing from different angles. Shops, take note! With this technique, you will draw attention to your product.

This trend is very popular in the Zara account. They often put in a row 3 photos of the same image from different angles or one thing from one collection. This layout looks very cool in rows.

Interesting fonts and their combinations.

Brand names are often just lettering. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Zara, and Mango are lettering brands. How do we recognize them? By font. Write these names in the same font and you won’t feel the difference.

Top brand accounts often use interesting fonts and their combinations. In the design of an Instagram store, this can be an inscription on a photo, an inscription on a post with a plain background, or the name of a collection. In fact, typography is quite a complex thing. More and more new fonts appear, and not everyone is able to combine them.

Tip: Find some interesting fonts. Try to combine them. Successful font combinations can be used on your Instagram account. For this, the Canva app is for you – it has so many different fonts. Including, there are different Cyrillic fonts.

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Text posts with titles.

Dilute your storefront with posts with headlines or quotes. Place interesting sayings or headlines on a solid background. White is often used in the design of the stores of top brands. White unloads the space like a breath of clean air. If you want to publish posts with headings – just take a white background and place the caption in a nice font.

use animation to grab attention.

Another latest trend in design and attention-grabbing is animation. With the help of mobile applications, you can come up with different options to bring the picture to life. This is where you need mobile apps.

In addition to the design of the profile, there are other trends on Instagram that are worth considering. For example, you shouldn’t dwell on Stories, because a certain part of the audience doesn’t watch Stories at all. Read about the main trends on Instagram in 2020 in this article.

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