Is Buying Facebook Likes can be negative?

Surprisingly, many brands still measure social media success based on “scores” rather than more meaningful metrics like engagement, referrals, or engagement rate.

The current trend to buy Facebook likes cheap, for example on Facebook, usually, robots that don’t offer anything of value are fueling this gap. However, many people don’t realize that this approach can seriously harm your online brand. So how can fake fans and social media followers harm? What metrics should you be interested in and why should you never measure social marketing success with cash alone?

  1. Fake likes don’t help the authority

Buying Facebook Likes can make your business look awesome at first glance, but it’s not enough to give it a good reputation. With the well-known persecution of fake Facebook accounts in recent years, there is a good chance that your new “fans likes” will suddenly disappear or, worse, be publicly judged and shamed. Consider the consequences: If you are exposed to buying fake fans, you may find yourself under direct scrutiny from the online world, which will not hesitate to share its feelings, and eventually it will. can damage your brand’s reputation, especially if you claim to be a transparent organization.

  1. If you decide to buy likes on Facebook, you will not have clients.

Contrary to popular belief, a social media page filled with fake friends or fake followers will usually not help you achieve your marketing goals, including increasing sales. Anyone who buys Facebook likes should test their knowledge and they will quickly see that most of the accounts, even if they are real, are in countries where they don’t even work. The same goes for any call to action you make via social media. How can you expect people to click on your website or be interested in your content if they are not interested in your brand, whatever it is?

  1. Fake likes mean nothing

Many companies, especially startups, consider the Facebook fan base as an indicator of business success and brand awareness. This is not the case. In fact, fake fans and followers can damage your online brand image. If you have a very interested online community of several hundred people, then any content you share will be warmly received, discussed, and shared. Simply put, Facebook’s algorithm will recognize this and expand the reach of your post to your entire community. Conversely, if you have 1000 fake profiles, the initial reach of your posts will be worse as they will be sent to unused bots and not to real people. This will subsequently reduce its natural range,

  1. Fake likes distort your statistics.

A good understanding of social media metrics is essential if you want to improve your success in this area. This includes knowing what content people are interested in and understanding the dynamics and norms of your online community. However, the influx of fake profiles that offer nothing in terms of meaningful interaction or action will only limit your ability to assess your community’s behavior, leaving you with a thick smoke screen to negotiate.

  1. Fake profiles can be harmful

It’s often the case that the illegitimate individuals behind fake Facebook like and fake followers are professional hackers who use unsuspecting members of the public as guinea pigs without even knowing it. The software these people use is also harmful to computers in general, as spam links are often sent out when hackers are doing their black magic. For any brand that is serious about online ethical behavior – and, frankly, it should be – fan buying should never be an option.

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