Most Recent Trends In Social Networks

Also this year, we have compiled useful information such as the number of users, the age group, and the rate of use.

The industry rapidly changing Social Networks. In this article, we will update the number of users on each platform dividing Japanese and overseas. We have compiled 12 major social networks, including messaging applications like Facebook, Twitter, LINE, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat.

LINE focused on messaging functions, it continues to grow year after year and remains number one. Second Twitter has not announced the number of accounts.

Most notable is the rapid growth of Instagram users away from Facebook, Instagram will be out of the MAU number of Facebook and will focus on how far it can expand.

In adolescence and 20 years, the rate of use and time of use is higher than in other age groups. However, compared to the survey last year, the rate of users has decreased, and the number of hours used per day in the 20s has also decreased.

LINE and Twitter are the most used among these young. The use rate is extremely high: 96% to 80% on LINE and Twitter. Then Instagram ranks third in terms of use, with 67%, but continues to grow. On the other hand, the rate of use of Facebook is decreasing. I would like to pay attention to whether new grow as TikTok.

Although it is representing the world, the shadow of domestic growth has become evident. In contrast to the rapid growth of Instagram, the number of users fell.

In terms of corporate use, content targeting the orientation of the link has become difficult to achieve with only an organic operation from changing algorithm 2018. However, the strength of the scope through advertising with high precision guidance is solid and remains attractive as a means to approach people between 40 and 50 years.

Although the growth rate of users seems to reach the limit, it is still supported mainly by young people in their teens and 20s.

It is noted pity that the number of users (accounts) is 45 million MAA, but in terms of corporate use, because anonymity is easy tweeting what you really feel about the products and services individual feels every day and social listening is easy to use for marketing measures like.

Speaking of Twitter notes that there is a danger of burning, but in recent years, for reasons of solidity, we are tightening restrictions on users who repeatedly made inappropriate statements, like trolls and spam tweets.

The fastest-growing country in the world is Instagram. In 2019, the number of MAU Facebook, the service for parents, reached 33 million was exceeded.

Around coming, when it began to spread in Japan, there was a tendency to demand images such as “Instagram” and “Bright Girls”, but now the gender gap is decreasing and the number of users in their thirties is increasing, which is used men and women of all ages. When I started my attention, the number of publications that “we’re not too beautiful” was increasing due to various articles.

Speaking of using companies, it has little ability to share because it has a function to share but is used as a tool for gathering information for a wide range of generations, and the appearance of the feature stories Instagram is open only for 24 hours it makes it easy to post photos in the rough. This is the point I want to keep in recent years.

While there are some services that do not officially announce the number of users, we ask that you observe the active tariff, etc. and he referred to what service is exciting.

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