What is the advertising function of Pinterest? Benefits for marketing

Mainly in North America, Pinterest is a tool that can collect images. Although the number of users in Italy is not so large, it is attracting attention from companies as one of the marketing tools that replace advertising.
So, this time, I will explain the basic information about Pinterest and the Pinterest advertisement that is attracting attention.

Features of Pinterest

What kind of tools and services is Pinterest? First, let’s check the basic information about Pinterest.

What you can do on Pinterest

Pinterest is a service with more than 200 million users per month.
You can bookmark an image on the Internet by the operation called “Pin”, and you can pin the image posted on the board of another Pinterest user by “Repin”.

Differences from other SNS

Pinterest is often confused with Instagram because it mainly uses images. However, Pinterest is different in nature from Instagram and other SNS.
Images are mainly collected on Pinterest, and there is no mechanism that activates communication between users.
In “Ad Espresso” provided by “Hootsuite”, a social media management tool, it is described as follows.

Instagram is more about sharing, while Pinterest is more about discovering

(Translation: Instagram is for sharing information, Pinterest is for discovering information)

Pinterest itself is also a “bookmark tool (Visual Bookmarking Tool)”.

The charm of Pinterest, which is a bit different from SNS

There are two main points about the charm of Pinterest.
You can obtain highly accurate information and use it without worrying about other users.
Since Pinterest can collect images and categories that you like, it is easy to collect information that interests you.
Also, unlike SNS that assume communication with other users, Pinterest is a tool for image collection. Therefore, you can use it without being too aware of the impact on other users.

What are the strengths of Pinterest ads?

Although it is a Pinterest advertisement that has not been introduced in Japan yet, it is already used in the United States and Europe. Here are the features of Pinterest ads.

Pinterest promotion ads

There are roughly two types of Pinterest ads, and the media and billing methods are different.

Promote pin

Promoted pins are paid pins for corporations and are displayed in a position where the user’s eyes can easily catch them. The price is a second-price auction method in which you pay $0.01 to the second-highest bid price.

Promoted Video

Video ads that appear on users’ feeds and in search results are primarily served in the US and UK. For mobile devices only, up to 6 pins can be displayed under the video advertisement that can lead to related information or purchase pages. Impression billing is applied.

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Features of Pinterest ads

High visual appeal

Since Pinterest is a service that specializes in images, it can be said that it is an advertising medium with high visual appeal.
Therefore, it is effective when a food-related company, a wedding-related company, or the like, in which visual is important, places an advertisement. Fashion companies are especially suitable, and you can directly convey the appeal of a product by putting a coordinated image of the product on Pinterest.

Easy to spread naturally

On Pinterest, I mainly pin images of other sites and users to my board. Like other SNS, it is less likely to cite or spread the posts of different users, so the image is likely to spread naturally.

Used by highly motivated users

People who use Pinterest tend to have a lot of desire to purchase.
According to a survey conducted by Pinterest on its own user base, 90% of users say they are using Pinterest to make purchasing decisions. In other words, Pinterest advertising can be expected to have a great effect on appealing to actual customers.
In addition, there is data that 72% of Pinterest users consider buying through Pinterest even if they are not looking for a product. Therefore, it is possible to guide potential customers as well as actual customers to purchase products.

Another feature of Pinterest users is that many women are sensitive to information.
A survey by Sprout Social in the US found that 17% of American Pinterest users are male and 45% are female.

As mentioned above, Pinterest has a relatively large number of female users and is characterized by a high tendency to lead to purchases and referral inflows. For this reason, it is often used especially on fashion-based EC sites and recipe-based media.

How to use Pinterest ads effectively

With a few twists, Pinterest ads can be even more appealing. Here are some tips for placing ads.

Collaborate with other SNS

Pinterest has fewer users than other SNS such as Twitter and Facebook.
The comparison of the number of active users in each SNS world is as follows.

SNSMonthly active users
Twitter328 million
Facebook2 billion
Pinterest200 million

It is obvious that the number of users of Pinterest is still small compared to other SNS. Therefore, in order to cover the point that the number of users is small, it is necessary to link with other SNS.

Use analytics

Pinterest provides Pinterest analytics that can measure access data and click events. Pinterest analytics is available to anyone with a corporate registration. Turn a data-based PDCA around for effective marketing.

Utilization of rich pin

Rich pins can carry more detailed information than regular pins, and there are four types: product pins, recipe pins, reading pins, and app pins.
It is good to use it properly according to the advertisement to be posted.

Rich pin typeOverview
Product pinIt is a pin that posts product prices, inventory information, supplier information, etc. in real-time.
Recipe pinThis is a pin that carries information about recipes.
Information such as cooking ingredients, cooking time, and quantity required for cooking is posted.
Leading pinA pin that displays the headline, description, and author name of an article or blog. It allows users to easily save articles.
App pinIt is a pin that displays the information of the application. There is an install button on the pin, and you can download the application as it is from Pinterest. The only ios app is available.

Watch future trends on Pinterest

Pinterest ads are not yet available in Japan. However, it will not be far from implemented in Japan as Pinterest is starting to attract attention from domestic companies and advertising is effective in the United States and the United Kingdom. Check out future trends on Pinterest, and set your antenna up so you don’t get late.

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