Twitter Two-Factor Authentication Eliminates Phone Number Registration

Twitter two-factor authentication eliminates phone number registration (Registered numbers can also be deleted)

Twitter announced on November 22 that it is no longer necessary to register a phone number for 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), which protects accounts.

Until now, Twitter’s two-factor authentication could use text messages sent by SMS, a mobile authentication app, and a security key. However, no matter which method you use, the registration of the phone number was first required, but now it is gone, and if you choose a method other than a text message, you can delete the registered phone number if possible.

However, security keys are not currently available for signing in to mobile apps, so if you are not using text messages, you must also have the mobile authentication app enabled as a backup. Otherwise, you will not be able to log in to Twitter if you lose your security key or the mobile app.

In October, Twitter apologized for the phone number registered for two-factor authentication that could have been used in targeted advertising. Also in August, Twitter Jack. There was a case where Dorsey’s account was hijacked, but at that time it was thought that SMS was abused.


“We’re also making it easier to secure your account with Two-Factor Authentication. Starting today, you can enroll in 2FA without a phone number. “

Anyway, if you don’t carelessly register your phone number with the service, it’s good news.

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