What happens if you post with more than 30 Hashtags

An essential element when posting on Instagram is the “#” hashtag.

Adding a hashtag in the caption will encourage people other than your followers to find your post, so I’d like to use it proactively. Did you know that the hashtag has a limit on the number of posts?

Currently, the number of hashtags on Instagram is one of the projections There is a limit of a maximum of “up to 30” to the draft.

Note: Instagram Help Center
“You can use up to 30 tags in one post. If you include more than 31 tags in one photo or video, you will not be able to post comments.”

So, this time, I tried several patterns to see what happens if I post after attaching a hashtag that exceeds the limit and whether I can add the 31st hashtag using the comment field!

1, post with 31 hashtags

First, I posted with 31 hashtags. In order to make the number of hashtags easy to understand, we will enter numbers such as “# 1, # 2, # 3 … # 31”.

Insert a hashtag up to “# 31” and press the share button to post!

I could post (share) a photo, but all captions with 31 hashtags disappeared.

If you attach more than 31 hashtags, they all disappear.

2. Add a hashtag by “Edit”

After posting with 30 hashtags, I decided to add one # 31 with “edit”.

When I edited the post with # 30 added, added the 31st hashtag, and clicked the “Finish” button, the following error image was displayed.

“your edits weren’t saved. Please try again”

Adding more than 31 tags to a single photo or video could not be done from the “new post” or “edit screen”. Let’s decide the hashtag so that it does not exceed 30 in advance.

3, Add a hashtag in the comment section

Finally, the 31st hashtag could not be added to the post or edit screen, so after posting 30 hashtags, I added one hashtag in the comment section.

Then again, an error screen was displayed. If the 31st hashtag was included, it could not be posted anyway. If you’ve ever had an error trying to comment on a post with hashtags, it’s likely that you already have a maximum of 30 hashtags.

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4, if you put the same keyword hashtag

As the count of the number of hashtags, the hashtag of the same keyword is “1 count”, so you can post even more than 31 in the following cases.

You can attach any number of the same hashtag. But,! It is better to select 30 hashtags from related words and post as more inflow channels than to attach the same hashtag.

Postscript: How to attach more than 60 hashtags

After creating this article, it became clear how to attach 60 kinds of hashtags, so I will add it. Note, however, that there are 30 types in the formula, so you may not be able to use them.

  1. Post without adding hashtags when posting photos and videos
  2. Add 30 types in the comment field
  3. Edit posted photos and add 30 hashtags

When I tried it in the editorial department using the above method, I was able to add 60 types. We will continue to follow the information in the future. I hope you will be able to officially add more than 60!


What did you think? I tried it in every way, but when I implemented it in an official way, I came to the conclusion that it is impossible to attach more than 31 types of hashtags. Also, if you carry out the informal method, you will get 60 types.

However, it is not official, so you may not be able to use it in the future. If you want to operate as a company official account, we recommend that you keep only 30 types at the moment.

If you post with “31” or more hashtags without you noticing, you will be posted only with photos and videos, so please be careful to fit in the upper limit of 30 in advance.

Cominco also supports the operation of Instagram. We also have an influencer service that utilizes “Instagrammer,” which has gained many followers on Instagram, so if you are worried about Instagram’s operation, please feel free to contact us!

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