More and more companies are becoming present on Facebook, by creating pages for Facebook companies. The development of the activities of each one aims to go further and make its way in the field of social networks. New strategies to reach a wider audience (due to the large number of users that Facebook has) and thus be able to attract new customers and retain them.

It is a new technique of digital marketing, where new ways of advertising are open, thanks to the creation of these pages and previous and subsequent work with other channels such as marketing or advertising that comes through emails, SMS, web pages, SEO, etc. This strategy together with Facebook, therefore, become a very effective technique. Many companies have decided to work together with these tools at the same time because they increase the results in a positive way.

Therefore, Facebook pages are those created by organizations, businesses, or brands, in order to obtain help to boost your business. It is a way to make yourself known thanks to the possibility of sharing your stories and connecting with your followers. Users only have to hit the ‘Like’ button if they want to follow the page and stay on top of all their daily activities.


How do create a Facebook page for companies?

Facebook page vs. Normal profile

There are businesses that choose to continue creating normal profiles on Facebook instead of pages or Fan Page. A personal Facebook profile represents a unique person so it bears his name, contains your personal information, and, as a consequence, has a certain limit of friends. For this reason, it is an ideal and preferable tool to keep in touch with your network of friends.

Unlike this, there are Facebook pages, which aim to represent an organization, brand, or company, among others. This shows the name of the company (by which it is well-known). His followers are users who have personal profiles on the network and identify themselves by clicking the Like button on the page.

Therefore, the latter has the advantage of not having a limit of users or followers. This means that, compared to personal profiles, Facebook pages are the preferred option when advertising or sharing public information about businesses, with a large number of followers.

However, creating a page on this social network has many more advantages: they offer you statistics and analysis on the evolution of your activity and your followers. This allows them to know whether or not they meet their objectives. Tabs can be customized. You can limit or not the number of comments left by followers on the page wall. The option of Facebook Marketing will allow you to create visible ads to display on other people’s walls. The option to click to follow the page is much simpler and more effective.

Finally, from 30 followers the site allows you to customize the address and thus be able to position the company in search engines.

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How to create a company page?

These are the steps for creating a Facebook page:

At first, enter the personal profile on Facebook and go to the icon with an arrow down (top right of the main menu), and immediately will open a window with options. Once there, you must click on the ‘Create page’ option.

In the second place, we must select the type of business of which is the company or the business sector to which it belongs. Six categories with different activity requirements

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Finally, the cause or community category is intended for non-profit associations.

Third, once the category that best suits a certain business (which will appear below the page name ) has been chosen, the page begins to be shaped and configured.

This is where all the relevant information should be included: Access the page settings, choose the category, add a brief description of the activity or type of business in question (relevant keywords must be included), customize the URL of the account, complete the website address, save and confirm.

After successfully configuring the page, you will need to choose a profile photo (usually the company logo) and add the page to the favorites column (a shortcut to it) in your personal profile. You must also configure the target audience or audience that you want to reach with our page (you can choose the geographical area, the gender of the audience, the minimum and maximum ages, interests or taste,s and languages).

Once all these steps have been completed, all that remains is to optimize the page, completing it with details such as cover photos, and filling the page with content, among others.

Advantages/benefits of doing it

As we mentioned previously, creating a company page on Facebook becomes the most effective and easiest option to make ourselves known on this social network and achieve a greater number of followers, and potential customers.

The statistics and analysis of the evolution in the number of followers and activity and interaction with them. The personalization of the tabs and the non-limitation of maximum users who can follow the page or the possibility of choosing who can or cannot publish on the wall. The option of using the Facebook marketing tool, in order to advertise the page on other people’s walls and thus reach more people.

These are all the main advantages or benefits that you have when choosing to open a company page on Facebook. A very simple tool for both businesses and followers. The latter, by clicking on Like, can be updated at all times on the activity being carried out by the company, brand or product they have decided to pursue.

Your company on Facebook: Recommendations for success

The first thing that must be clear when creating these types of pages is the establishment of a consolidated and clear marketing strategy. It must establish all the objectives that it is intended to achieve with its creation since, otherwise, time will be lost without obtaining results.

Set goals, that is, know what companies want to do with their customers. You can set as many as you want as long as they are real, workable, and traceable. In other words, they are normal objectives that are possible to achieve and, therefore, that can be achieved with the material and personal resources that the company has.

But they must also be measurable. That traffic can be measured, by where it comes from.

Once established the objectives to follow, you should study the profile of the ideal client, that is, who are the followers, what they do, what they want, etc. . No less important is to observe the competition we have in the sector and its ways of acting.

Once all this information has been collected, the most appropriate strategies to carry out must be proposed. When the objectives have been established, the way to measure them, and the techniques or actions to achieve them, the ideal would be to create a publication calendar to keep track and measure the results.

Ultimately, creating a business page on Facebook can be the decisive step for a business to reach a larger audience. To do this, you must previously establish a Marketing strategy that allows you to figure out what your objectives are, what audience you want to target and how to do it. Implementing a good strategy will therefore allow you to be successful with the creation of this type of page, attract new users and retain them, and increase sales. Always without forgetting the need to meet deadlines, established in our publication calendar, promoting interaction with users.

We must remember that the established results will not be obtained from one day to the next, it is a matter of perseverance and establishing the line of action according to what we can carry out. Forgetting too ambitious objectives that we will not be able to develop due to a lacking resources. Focus on all those Achievable, according to our possibilities and also our time.

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