What is an Instagram Business Profile?

What is an Instagram Business Profile? Thorough explanation of business tools that promote corporate use of Instagram:

Instagram, which has been attracting attention because of its high engagement rate and the high use of female users, has released tools for “Business Profile”, “Instagram Insight” and “Post Promotion” to promote its use in the business scene.

This time, I will introduce all the things that can be done with the three tools, setting procedures and how to use them, focusing on the Instagram business profile.

What is an Instagram Business Profile?

Instagram’s business profile is one of three business tools introduced by Instagram, including installing a button on the company’s Instagram account to directly contact the company and posting shop location information. The means of contact are telephone, e-mail, directions to stores, etc. Select and set the response method that suits your organization and service content.

In the past, Instagram users had no choice but to fill in the comments section of a post when trying to contact a corporate account. In this flow, it is difficult to respond in a timely manner because the management side of the company cannot respond or leaks occur. Introducing a business profile to facilitate communication between users and the company is a win-win.

Steps to convert your Instagram account to a business profile

No need to use a Facebook page for a business profile!

Until now, setting up a business profile on Instagram required linking an Instagram account with a Facebook page. For those who do not have a Facebook page, this has been changed to create a new one, and you can now set up a business profile without a Facebook page.

Here, we explain both procedures when you do not have a Facebook page and when you have a Facebook page to link.

Steps to change to a business profile by linking to a Facebook page

Start with your Instagram account feed profile open.

Switch to business account

Step 1: Click “︙ (Detailed setting)”.
Step 2: Click “Switch to Business Profile”. If it is set as a private account, unlock it immediately below and proceed.
Step 3: Click “Next”. The account icon will be displayed, so make sure that the account you want to set is correct.

Step 4: “Link to Facebook”, click “Select Page”.

The Facebook business account name will be displayed. If you manage multiple Facebook pages, select the corresponding one.
Step 5: Select the category that suits your business in “Choose profile category” and click “Next”.
Step 6: Under “Set up business profile”, enter any information of “Email address / Phone number / Address” and click “Finish”. You can enter more than one.

Step 7: An announcement will be displayed when linked to the Facebook page.

Step 8: If the contact button is displayed on the top page, you are done.

Procedure to change to business profile without linking to Facebook page

Step 1: Proceed in the same way as linking to a Facebook page and proceed to the “Link to Facebook” screen.

Step 2: 4 Click “Skip”.

Step 3: 5 Select the category that suits your business in “Select profile category” and click “Next”.

Step 4: 6 In “Set up business profile”, enter any information of “Email address / Phone number / Address  and click “Finish”.

Step 7: When the work is completed, an announcement will be displayed.

After the switch is completed, an announcement will be displayed that the Facebook page has been created. It seems that a Facebook page is automatically created, but in Japan, it has not been confirmed yet.

Step 8: If the contact button is displayed on the top page, you are done.

Points to note when switching business profiles

■ When setting up a business profile on Instagram, you do not need to create a new account. Introduce it to the account of the company you are using now and use it as is. If you don’t already have an Instagram account, you can create an account as usual and then switch to a business profile.

■ Even if you have set a business profile, the contact button will not be displayed when viewed on a PC.

■ Even if you switch to your business profile, you can easily switch back to your personal account at any time. If you want to switch back to your personal account and switch back to your business profile, you can set it up again. Keep in mind, however, that your insights will be reset when you switch to your personal profile.

How to edit your Business Profile

You can change or add the information linked with the contact button even after the business profile setting is completed.

Step 1: Click “Edit Profile”.
Step 2: Click “Contact Options”.
Step 3: You can edit “E-mail address / Phone number / Address”.

What you can’t do with an Instagram Business Profile:

■ When setting a business profile, it cannot be used as a private account. First, you need to unset your private account.

■ When you want to share Instagram posts that you have switched to your business profile on Facebook, you can only share Instagram posts with the Facebook account that you linked in your business profile settings.

If you want to share the Instagram post with another Facebook account, switch to your personal account and share, then set up your business profile again and associate it with the desired Facebook page.

What you can do by switching your account to a business profile: 3 business tools

Instagram has released three business tools: Business Profile, Instagram Insight, and Post Advertisement.

To use these tools, you must first set up a business profile. This will allow you to promote Instagram Insights and posts.

With Instagram Insight, you can easily check the analysis data of your account on mobile. Posts can also be promoted via mobile. You can use Instagram Insight to check data and distribute posts with high engagement as ads, making it easier to operate.

The details of each function are described below.

1. Business profile

As mentioned above, you can register your “e-mail address, telephone number, address” as “contact information”. The registered information will be displayed as “Contact” on the account’s feed page, and when you click it, you will be able to contact us.

▼ Example: Investment Care Unit Click
“Call” or “Email address” to open the phone call or mail transmission screen.

▼ Example: Disney Clicking
“Show Directions” will launch Google Maps, and if GPS is on, navigation will be displayed.

2. Instagram Insight

With Instagram Insight, you can see the gender, age, location information, and time of access of your company’s followers.

Posts can also be analyzed for performance and user reaction. In addition, functions have been added by the update, and the following information can be viewed. (Specifically described later)

  • Number of actions on user posts
  • How nice! Number / Comments
  • Number of times users saved posts in their account
  • Web site clicks
  • Click to send an email
  • Directions Clicks
  • Story Insight      

Instagram Insight is accessed from the “Graph Mark” in the upper right on the feed screen, and ” View Insight” below the photo on each posting screen.

* Instagram Insight can be checked only from the smartphone app. Also, the data cannot be extracted in CSV format or any other way.
* The insight display of “Website click” and “Email address click” will not be displayed unless it is set in the profile.

Data displayed on Instagram insights

The display of the Insight UI changes frequently, and more and more data can be seen with each change. Here is a brief introduction to the data you can see at the time of writing.

The data displayed in Insight is divided into three categories: “activity”, “content”, and “audience”“Activities” gives you an overview of the performance of your account and gives you an overall view of your profile and other information.

For “Content”, you can check the numbers related to individual posts, stories, and advertisements, and you can drill down and check each number.

“Audience” provides information about follower attributes, such as gender, age group, location, and active hours of followers

3. Advertising of posts (Instagram)

Advertising on Instagram is set from the post screen where you want to advertise. For posts to promote, choose posts with high engagement on Instagram Insight.

Step 1: Click “Create Ad”.
Step 2: Select the action you want your users to take from “Increase access to your profile”, ” Increase web traffic”, and “Increase views with ads” and click.
Step 3:  Select a target audience. Select from “Auto”, “Region” and “Manual “, and click “Next”.

Step 4:  Set “Budget” and “Period  and click “Next”.

Step 5:  Check the content of the selected advertisement, and if there is no problem, click “Create Ad” and click.


So far, most SNS analysis tools are PC-based, but “Instagram Business Profile”, “Instagram Insight”, and “Post Advertising” the three business tools, are designed for operation on smartphones. Is.

Being able to view data and deliver advertisements without opening a PC is an advantage for small businesses that lack ad operations.

Since Instagram can now acquire multiple accounts, the range of operations is expanding, such as chains with multiple stores and e-commerce sites linked to actual stores. By using these three business tools, you can make your Instagram account more effectively.

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