What is SMO? Basic principles of media promotion

The main task of any Internet resource, be it a store or an information site, is to get targeted visitors.

Building a consistent audience flow can sometimes be tricky. If earlier the success of a network project depended mainly on the number of external links, now they are taken care of in the last place. Over the past 10 years, search engines have grown significantly wiser and begun to take into account significantly more factors when ranking.

One of these factors is the interaction of the site with social networks. Facebook is estimated at tens of millions of people every day. All these people are potential site visitors who only need to be interested. How to do this will be discussed in this article.

The acronym SMO (Social Media Optimization) means a set of measures aimed at attracting targeted visitors from social networks.  The term first appeared in his publication in 2006. The same person also formulated the basic rules of optimization for social media.

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Increase in the link mass.
Simplified adding to social networks.
Encourage referrers.
The ability to export content with a link to the source.
Building and maintaining communities.
Conducting competitions.
Comments via social media networks.

This rule is aimed at improving the quality of published materials and the site itself to such an extent that others link to it.

Pages must have social buttons and widgets. networks and bookmarks. The easier it is for the user to support the project, the higher the likelihood that he will do it.

Interaction with sites of a similar subject matter will have a positive effect on the promotion results.

Publishing interesting announcements with catchy headlines and links to the full material is the best way to lure the user into familiarization.

Encouraging the use of your content. Mashup services are able to combine data from many sources on their pages. This is a good sign for search engines – if the project materials are used by others, then they are of practical value.

As is clear from the above, we are talking about natural methods of website promotion in the media environment. However, there is also black promotion, which is based on all kinds of markups through paid tasks. It is categorically not necessary to resort to such PR, since the harm from it will be much more than good.

The first thing to remember is that content is everything. Promotion on social networks does not happen for the sake of social factors as it is commonly called in SEO. The primary goal of SMO optimization is to get people interested, so the materials on the site should be of the highest quality. You can adapt the site for social media as follows.

Each project, be it an online store or a blog, must have its own groups or pages on at least 3 social networks (for example Facebook and Twitter). In the future, these pages should regularly publish enticing announcements with a link to the full material of your site. Thus, the resource will gradually acquire a permanent audience through several channels at once.

Installing social widgets networks. If the site has communities, it makes sense to have their widgets prominently displayed in the sidebar. This will allow your visitors to subscribe to updates in one click.

If the project budget allows for a competition, this should be done. With the help of a similar method of publishing in social. networks are capable of gaining tens of thousands of shares and likes. Of course, it is important to have extremely fair draws. Otherwise, you risk permanently tarnishing the reputation of your project and doom it to a fiasco.

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Set social media buttons. Any visitor to the project should be able to quickly and easily share material on social networks. Buttons can be installed using special services or you can create them yourself using the API.

Adding to social bookmarks. In fact, the effect of such a promotion is hardly noticeable. However, social. bookmarks are also related to social media, so they deserve a mention.

Do not abuse this opportunity. A comment form from popular social media. It makes sense to install networks only in the absence of an adequate alternative.

Following the above steps will provide the site with a small but steady flow of targeted visitors. The social factor also influences SEO promotion. For example, the Google search engine is more loyal to projects featured on the Google + network. In any case, the more people learn about your project, the better, which means that SMO promotion cannot be neglected.

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