How to know who deleted you from Facebook friends.

You can make friends on Facebook. At the same time, you can remove unwanted people from your friend list. Other users can also delete you. So, if someone removes you from your Facebook friends list, how do you find it? There is currently no official method available Find out if someone unfriends you. However, there are some browser scripts and apps available to help you with questions that keep coming to your mind.

How can I find out who has unfriended you on Facebook?

You can find who unfriended you on Facebook using your PC. You need a browser plugin that supports almost all browsers. You can also get the Android app and get the solution directly from your smartphone. Here’s the answer to unfriend a friend on Facebook:

See who has removed friends on Facebook using your PC

Unfinder A simple script that, when installed, will notify users who have found your friends on Facebook. The script will warn (send a message) if any of your friends unfriend you or invalidate their profile. This message arrives just like a friend’s request or message, so we don’t do anything other than monitor your friend’s list and see who’s missing.

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This plugin can be installed on various browsers. Here is how to install it on the Google Chrome browser.

Heading to the Chrome Web Store.

Search for Ann finder and then click Add to Chrome.

If all goes well, there’s a new menu on the Facebook homepage called Remove Friends. Also, a small number appears next to this menu in case someone unfriends you.

Click to access your friend’s list.

If you want to make changes to the script, go to “Settings”, where you can make minor changes to the script.

Every time someone deletes you from friends on Facebook, the extension will tell you who deleted you from friends on Facebook.

See who has been removed from your friends on Facebook using your smartphone:

As mentioned earlier, you can also use Android smartphones to find out who has removed friends on Facebook. It is also available as an Android app in the Unfinder Finder Service Play Store. Unlike the browser extension, you cannot access the website directly, so your app needs to authenticate your Facebook account. Here’s how to do this:

Download and install the Facebook Finder Unfriend Google Play Store app.

Open the app. You will see a Continue with the Facebook button on the home screen. Tap it.

You need to authenticate to your Facebook account using the app. Upon connection, you will be sent information about your account and access to your friend list.

After connecting your Facebook account to the Unfriend Finder app, you can be notified when someone unfriends you.

If you keep the app running in the background, you’ll get instant notifications, exclude from battery saver and background task killer.

Please note that the Unfriend app is not associated with Facebook. It has access to your friend’s list and only the Facebook app will find you who have removed you as a friend. The complete security and privacy of the app cannot be guaranteed; use at your own risk. If you care about privacy, we recommend using the web browser plugin.

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